Committee schedules design meetings for KWHS pool building, old CYJH gyms

The Board Construction Steering Committee met on May 8, 2015. After approving the minutes from the Retreat session on April 20, the following items were discussed:


Update on RHS/Academies building construction

Jere Eggleston and Jack Mousseau of MOA Architects and Fred Bronnenberg of Groathouse Construction attended the meeting to give an update on the progress of construction at the Roosevelt/Academies building. The committee urged Groathouse and MOA to keep the construction schedule updated regularly so there are no surprises. The committee also discussed the possibility for portions of the building to be ready for select occupancy in early 2016.


Donation/Naming of NCHS Classroom

Community Partnerships Director Kelly Eastes told the committee that an NCHS alumni group is gathering to discuss fundraising efforts for the John F. Welsh Auditorium and corresponding theater classroom. The group had asked Eastes about the possibility of acquiring donations with the intention of allowing big donors to have classroom naming rights. Eastes came to the committee meeting to seek approval and receive a dollar figure that would allow a classroom to be named. The committee discussed whether a policy should be created that would allow for donors to acquire naming rights. The committee spoke about developing a process that would consider naming rights requests, but would not identify or set dollar-level limits, as that would be on a case-by-case basis. Eastes will ask the alumni group for a proposal and move forward from there.


Enhancement Guidance

KWHS Pool – The committee decided to hold a design charrette on Friday, June 12 to determine what is wanted/needed at the pool building. Following that process they will enter into contract negotiations with RB+B to design what comes out of the charrette. Dennis Bay, NCSD’s Executive Director for Business Services, recommended to hard-bid the construction of the KWHS pool building in the future to keep it separate from the KWHS main project.

CYJH Gymnasiums – The committee decided to hold a design charrette on Thursday, June 11 to determine the use and needs at the old CYJH gyms.

Safety and Security Items – Bay said the SFD told him they are uncertain when their draft of the state’s safety/security needs study will be ready. Bay shared the district’s 14-15 & 15-16 Major Maintenance plan that includes some safety and security items. Bay will bring a schedule soon detailing the different projects.

Roosevelt HS & Academies Equipment Update – MOA Architects is bidding the State funded FFE that is needed and is also working on the District’s Block Grant FFE for the Academies

Preschools – Superintendent Steve Hopkins asked for the opportunity to develop a schedule for the order of preschool construction additions based on many factors, including space needed and other construction projects.

Sinking Fund for pools – The board earmarked money for this category. The committee discussed other fundraising efforts for pools.


Items Coming to Board for Future Action

Bay discussed the NCHS Phase IV moving bid, a proposed fee increase from Pope Construction for management of the district’s major maintenance projects, an elevator service maintenance contract for the District, and a contract for designing the installation of a new elevator at Manor Heights Elementary to allow for easier ADA access between floors.


Property adjacent to KWHS

Bay told the committee he was recently approached by a realtor acquiring about a district-owned lot near the intersection of Lillian Ln. and Trigood Dr. northwest of the KWHS campus. Bay received approval to look into selling the property.


Construction tours

The committee discussed planned construction project tours, and will re-start the current rotation in September.


The next Construction Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for Friday, May 22.


Board members: Kevin Christopherson, Dave Applegate, Dana Howie, Debbie McCullar, Paula Reid, Toni Billings, Clark Jensen, Rita Walsh
District Staff: Steve Hopkins, Dennis Bay, Chad Sharpe, Kelly Eastes, Doug Tunison, Keith Brown, Allen Bruggman
Others: Jere Eggleston and Jack Mousseau (MOA Architects), Fred Bronnenberg (Groathouse Construction)

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