Charger Challenge Raises $12,456.75 for the Natrona County Homeless Student Fund


Fort Caspar Academy recently held it’s 10th Annual Charger Challenge Event!

Fort Caspar Academy’s Charger Challenge was started in 2010 by Kenda Spicher and Caroline Mooren, FCA teachers, who organized the fundraiser to raise funds for an FCA family.

The goal of the committee was to demonstrate the Core Virtue of compassion by raising funds for the affected family through a 5K run/walk. The Charger Challenge is now an annual event, benefitting families in the Casper community who are in need. 

In the first year of the Charger Challenge, the students ran a 5k and members of the community donated gift baskets for the school to raffle off to raise money for the family. The event was a huge success with great attendance including the Windy City Striders, the fire department, and other local first responders. Due to the overwhelming generosity and support of the students, staff, and community, the event turned into an annual charity event.

For several years they continued with the 5k run but as attendance started to decline the school realized to keep the fundraiser alive they would need to make some changes. Spicher explains that the idea of an obstacle course was mentioned to the Charger Challenge Committee and they decided to give it a try. They created a series of stations with both physical and mental obstacles. For the last several years, 3rd-grade teacher Megan Snell has been in charge of the obstacle course. We had amazing participation this year. I loved watching parents help their kids on the obstacle course,says Snell. They have stations with logic puzzles, a basketball shoot, climbing wall, combat crawl, boot camp, tire flip, hula hoop soccer kick and many more. Perri Shutts, the FCA P.E. teacher, runs the climbing wall station every year. She points out that the event is also about bringing families together, “The students love doing things with their families and when they actually see where the money is going and who it is helping…it is amazing!” For the 10th anniversary, the Charger Challenge Committee decided to bring back the 5k run as an additional event families could participate in along with the obstacle course!

This year’s event was a huge success “We had some really awesome baskets this year. We sold more tickets than ever before and there was a huge buy-in for the beneficiary selected. It was so good to see our whole school coming together,” said Spicher.

The school held an inter-class competition to create their own baskets for the auction again this year.

I love the build-up of the Charger Challenge and seeing my kids bring in their items for the class basket. My favorite part is watching the partnership between parents, students, and the school. We are living the virtuous words we teach,” said teacher Shelly Rice. 

Each year the proceeds of the fundraiser go to a local charity that is selected by the Charger Challenge Committee. The committee selects a new organization to receive the funds each year. The Charger Challenge raised $12,456.75 for the Natrona County Homeless Student fund! 

This fund exists to help homeless school-age children throughout Natrona County. Greta Hinderlighter oversees this program for the Natrona County School District. Greta serves between 250 to 300 students each year. She works to ensure these students have the basic necessities they need to be able to focus on their education. She also assists them in getting signed up for the free or reduced lunch program and getting connected to community resources. 

FCA Principal Nicole Rapp said, “We teach virtues at Fort Caspar Academy. When students leave our school, we want them to be good people and good students. We want them to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. When we have the Charger Challenge every year, we give them an opportunity to see/participate in generosity, joy, and charity. We are able to come together as a school family made up of students, parents/siblings, and teachers/staff and cultivate that vital relationship that leads to success.”

The vision of Fort Caspar Academy is educational excellence through a comprehensive, rigorous curriculum and virtuous character development with a strong student-staff-parent partnership. The Charger Challenge is just one of many ways the students, staff, and FCA community work together to see that vision a reality.


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