Board of Trustees Meeting Report – December 11, 2017

Trustees Select New Slate of Officers

During the Regular Session the Board unanimously approved the following slate of Board officers:

Chair – Rita Walsh

Vice Chair – Dana Howie

Treasurer – Ray Catellier

Clerk – Kevin Christopherson

Board members thanked outgoing chair Christopherson for his leadership the last two years and for leading the Board during a difficult financial time.


Strategic Plan Update – Quarter 1

During the Regular Session Associate Superintendents Walt Wilcox and Verba Echols continued their presentation of the Strategic Plan Quarterly Report for Quarter 1 that they began at the previous meeting’s Work Session.

Wilcox first mentioned a correction in the Predictive Graduation Rates by Credits-Earned data. Previously the figure was 76%, but after careful study, that number was revealed to be 81%. Wilcox said some courses were not counted as they should’ve been, so more credits were earned that weren’t originally counted. Wilcox stressed this data is just showing the credits earned toward graduation, and it is not determined whether the credits are earned in the correct subjects. He said the actual graduation rate for the district should be released in January 2018.

Next, Wilcox displayed the participation levels and the performance scores in the AP and IB program courses and their corresponding tests. AP enrollment is down, but a higher percentage of students are meeting the qualifying scores on the tests. IB enrollment is up, and a higher percentage of students are meeting the qualifying scores on the tests as well.

Next, Associate Superintendent for HR & District Services, Verba Echols, presented on the CSF Customer Satisfaction Survey results for the most recent quarter. Echols said 117 participants took the survey in the timeline that measured. She said she wants more participation in the survey, but pointed out that the people who are taking the surveys are satisfied. Overall, both divisions are well above the 80% goal level.


In other news…

  • Approved for staff to negotiate the contract for Lincoln Preschool Design/Build Team with Stateline No 7 Architects/Pope Construction Company.
  • Board Academic Steering, Construction Steering, Budget Development, and Policy Committees all gave updates on their recent work during the Work Session. To read reports of Board committee meetings click here.
  • Trustees approved the Certified and Classified Personnel Report
  • The next scheduled Board meeting is January 8, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. at NCSD’s Central Services Facility (970 N. Glenn, Casper)



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