Board of Trustees Meeting Report – June 11, 2018

Board Continues Bullying Discussion with School Representatives

During the work session, the board heard from more than a dozen educators representing NCSD schools from the elementary, middle, and high school levels regarding their experiences with bullying in their buildings and how they handle the situations. The conversation was part of an effort the board is making to gather more information as they revise the district’s bullying policy. The visitors told the board it would be helpful to have a common definition of bullying so they could classify each circumstance correctly – and then handle it appropriately. The educators also said it’s important to have bullying education at all levels (students, staff, parents, community) so there is an awareness of what bullying is and how those situations can be handled.

At the conclusion of the work session board members urged those in attendance to continue to provide feedback to the board about bullying.


Second Readings of Policies Approved

The Board approved revisions to two current policies and added a new policy upon second readings. The second readings were held for three policies: Board Policy 6300 Student Evaluation and Standards Performance, Board Policy 6700 Dual Language Immersion Programs for Students, and Board Policy 4000 Employee Conduct and Expectations.

There were slight revisions presented for Board Policies 6300 and 6700 – to align the policy language with current district practice. Board Policy 4000 is a new policy to accurately outline expectations for all district employees. The policy states “all personnel are expected to maintain the highest standards of conduct and act in a mature and responsible manner at all times. Employees of the NCSD serve as positive role models for students and must set good examples in conduct, manners, and dress.” The policy also collects the names and numbers of all other related employee policies for convenience purposes. To view the new policy click here.

In other news…

  • Trustees approved the Certified and Classified Personnel Report
  • The recommended draft curricula in the subject content areas of Social Studies, Career Vocational Education, and Foreign Language were approved by the Board. The draft curriculum in each subject area will be validated by teachers during the 2018-19 school year. Curriculum in each of the nine subject content areas can be viewed online here.
  • The alternative resources proposed by Lincoln Elementary and Evansville Elementary were approved by the board. The resources will be used in English/Language Arts. Lincoln will use Open Up Resources and Evansville will use Wit and Wisdom.

The next scheduled Board meeting is July 11, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at NCSD’s Central Services Facility (970 N. Glenn Rd., Casper).


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