Board of Trustees Meeting Report – February 26, 2018

Trustees Discuss Student and Staff Safety

During the work session trustees discussed the topic of student and staff safety. Staff presented a draft action framework that builds upon the district’s strategic goal #4, which pertains to safe and healthy environments. At the direction of the board, the draft framework was created and it outlines directions moving forward for each of the board’s subcommittees focusing on improvements in regards to student and staff safety. The board discussed specific safety resources that the district currently utilizes, and other potential resources that will continue to be discussed in the future. Communication, prevention, education, and planning regarding safety issues were all discussed.

As part of the ongoing discussion, trustees will continue to facilitate discussions regarding student and staff safety during future board work sessions.

Board Establishes Public Hearing

During the regular session, Trustees unanimously approved to establish a Public Hearing for March 12, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. The public hearing is a state statute-required event when the board plans to sell, demolish, or abandon any facilities. The purpose of the hearing is for consideration of abandonment by sale or demolition of the following school buildings and facilities:

  • Grant Elementary School and all associated facilities including portable classroom buildings;
  • Mills Elementary School and all associated facilities;
  • North Casper Elementary School and all associated facilities; and
  • Special Education Center and all associated facilities,

And consideration to mothballing the following school buildings and facilities:

  • Mountain View Elementary School;
  • University Park Elementary School;
  • Willard Elementary School;
  • Westwood Elementary School; and
  • Willow Creek School.

In October the Board voted to approve a Board Construction Steering Committee recommendation to vacate and sell the Special Education Service Center building (former Jefferson Elementary School) and North Casper Elementary School (currently unoccupied); vacate and mothball Westwood Elementary School (currently unoccupied); vacate and mothball Mountain View Elementary School, University Park Elementary School, and Willard Elementary School; and close Frontier Middle School (Casper Classical Academy will continue to occupy the building).

Doner Approved as New Centennial Principal; Hartl Approved as New Dean Morgan Principal

By approval of the Certified and Classified Personnel Report, NCSD trustees approved the recommendations to name Mr. Brian Doner as the new principal at Centennial Middle School and Mr. Tyler Hartl as the new principal at Dean Morgan Middle School. Currently, Doner is the principal at Cottonwood Elementary School and Hartl is the principal at Sagewood Elementary School.

Trustee Dana Howie Receives Honor

During the work session, trustee Debbie McCullar presented trustee Dana Howie with the Certified Board Member honor from the Wyoming School Boards Association (WSBA). The WSBA’s Board Recognition Program recognizes board members across the state with points for their attendance at board leadership events. Howie has accrued more than 50 points to achieve the Certified Board Member honor.

WSBA provides educational services, financial services and practical publications to Wyoming school boards. In addition, WSBA represents the interests of its members before the State Legislature, State Board of Education and other state and national agencies. Congratulations Trustee Howie.

In other news…

  • Howie, chair of the Board Policy Committee reported a list of topics that the committee will discuss moving forward. Items on the list were: code of conduct, social and emotional behavior, employee expectations, bullying, firearms, public disclosure of student/staff information, and a comprehensive review of policies and regs to ensure alignment with current practice.
  • Trustees approved the Certified and Classified Personnel Report

The next scheduled Board meeting is March 12, 2018 immediately following the previously listed Public Hearing, which takes place at 7:00 p.m. at NCSD’s Central Services Facility (970 N. Glenn Rd., Casper).




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