Board Infrastructure Planning Committee Meeting Report – May 4, 2018

The Board Infrastructure Planning Committee (IPC) – formerly Construction Steering Committee – met on May 4, 2018 at NCHS. After approving the minutes from the April 6 meeting the committee discussed the following items:


SFD Update on Disposition of buildings

The State Facilities Commission approved NCSD to dispose of Grant ES, Mills ES, SESC (former Jefferson ES), and North Casper Elementary at their meeting on May 3 by a vote of 7-0.  District’s 2018-2019 enrollment numbers continue to decrease and District’s schools continue to have excess capacity in the K-5 enrollment.  Mothball schools; Mountain View, Willard, University Park and Westwood are mothballed. Westwood is the only school mothballed that currently meets fire/safety Code with fire sprinklers.  (Westwood was brought up to fire/safety codes prior to Southridge occupying for 3 yrs while new building was being constructed, cost was approximately $800,000).


Building disposition timeline for Grant, Mills, SESC and North Casper was presented; Grant Board approval – June 11, Mills – August 13, SESC – September 10, and North Casper – October 8.


KWHS Project Update – North pool parking lot construction continues scheduled completion June 1, landscaping continuing with sod installation and tree planting; the large area along Walsh Dr. between school and pool will have sod placed in the graded areas.  Gym floors still experiencing some finish issues (out of contractor warranty), have contacted flooring company from Laramie, they use different finish that is acrylic – more flexible. We will be issuing a gym flooring refinishing bid using Major Maintenance funding for several secondary schools’ gyms this summer.


NCHS Project Update – HVAC controls continuing to be issue, final Commissioning of all systems scheduled for week of May 21.  Main gym floor will be refinished this summer, contractor warranty.  Punch list items and warranty items continue to be completed.


MACC Project Update – build out of space is on schedule, demo of concrete slab for new recessed wood gym court is progressing, all of the separation curtain framing completed, north storage area framing is continuing.


Lincoln PK Project Update – wall framing ongoing, roof joist install starting week of May 7


NCHS Verizon cell tower – discovered that the portion of Elm St from 8th St to Collins Ave was not recorded with the County (Title/Deed office) when the stadium was constructed in the early 1930’s.  District Facilities staff will solicit required property owner signatures and submit to City to vacate this portion of Elm St.  Discussion about retaining Title Co to research NCSD properties to help alleviate this problem in future.  The newer buildings in the District have been researched, the older buildings/sites would be the ones that may be suspect.  (All buildings to be disposed have Titles researched prior to selling.)


Facility Maintenance Planning Project

NCSD Maintenance Director Scott Honken presented to the IPC the “School Dude” work order system NCSD utilizes.  This system tracks all WO’s; preventative, emergency, routine, corrective    and completed that schools/facilities submit electronically and can generate reports.  Ex. 2017 total WO’s was 12,585. Honken gave an overview of the upcoming Custodial Site Based Preventative Maintenance and Inspection Program that is currently being reviewed by Stakeholders.  This Program will be a great asset when implemented for preventative and predictive maintenance.  Honken will continue to provide information to Committee and draft reports to be viewed.


Discussion about the security in our buildings and the processes tightened pending the ongoing efforts between the Casper Police Dept and NCSD


Trustee Applegate thanked staff for the information provided in the meeting.


Members adjourned and toured the MACC building and the ongoing build out project.


The next regular meeting is scheduled for Friday, June 1, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. at NCSD’s Central Services Facility.




Board members: Dave Applegate, Kevin Christopherson, Ray Catellier, Clark Jensen

Staff: Steve Hopkins, Dennis Bay, Michael Jennings, Scott Honken, Doug Tunison


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