Board Infrastructure Planning Committee Meeting Report – April 6, 2018

The Board Infrastructure Planning Committee (IPC) – formerly Construction Steering Committee – met on April 6, 2018. After approving the minutes from the March 2nd meeting the committee discussed the following items:


Facility Maintenance Planning Project

NCSD Maintenance Director Scott Honken presented to the IPC on the scope of work his department does to maintain all exterior and interior building systems and grounds. Honken spoke about the different categories of maintenance projects: Preventative Maintenance, Emergency Repairs, Routine Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, and Predictive Maintenance. Honken told the IPC that the process that maintenance staff takes part in while responding to work orders includes performing inspections to other areas of that building to look for potential issues. This process ensures that many issues are discovered before they cause problems. Honken also said that the Maintenance Department has a full preventative maintenance program in place for landscape services. The preventative maintenance program will soon be expanded to include plumbing, HVAC, electrical, roofing, painting, kitchen equipment and the site-based custodial maintenance program. The mothballed buildings within the District are inspected bi-weekly, which Honken says is adequate to discover any concerns. Other continuous improvement initiatives include the availability of online resources for custodial staff, a custodial preventative maintenance and inspection program, and the availability of maintenance-specific information for the department’s customers. Trustee Dave Applegate told Honken that he would like to see a report quarterly that outlines maintenance-related items regarding district buildings. Honken showed the IPC members a spreadsheet of scheduled maintenance projects that are expected of custodians daily, weekly, monthly, or less frequently. The items in the spreadsheet will eventually be entered into the work-order program and will allow for a streamlined workflow for custodians. This will be implemented by the end of 2018 at all high schools and middle schools. The process will be implemented in elementary schools starting in 2019. Trustee Kevin Christopherson asked about the maintenance processes used for the synthetic turf fields around the district. Honken says they follow the manufacturer’s recommended procedures to care for  the fields, and if it needs to be replaced it would come from the Major Maintenance 10% Enhancement funding. There is also a service contract with an outside agency to care of the fields. When Maintenance staff finds an issue that rises above $5,000 they send it on to Doug Tunison to create a Major Maintenance project. Applegate praised Honken for the information he presented and reiterated his desire for a quarterly report including: Continuous Improvement Initiatives, Key Performance Indicators (selected by NCSD staff), major maintenance updates, numbers of work orders completed, updates on mothballed buildings, training that’s been completed, sustainability efforts, and would include items from the district’s 5-year building plan (potential new projects, i.e. NCHS pool, etc.) Applegate’s desire for a report is in an effort to highlight the work that NCSD is doing to take care of the new buildings that have been provided by the state.


Major Maintenance – Doug Tunison reported that the state’s definition of Major Maintenance has changed, allowing him more flexibility on what projects can be funded from Major Maintenance. The district has a comprehensive plan of major maintenance projects that is submitted to the State Facilities Department annually. Each individual project then is submitted for approval to the state, and upon approval Tunison initiates the project work. Tunison said at this time he works on a project list for the next 2 years, but his planning would be better if he could work 5 years or more into the future.


Recording/Retaining Documents

Dennis Bay, NCSD’s Executive Director for Business Services, showed the IPC the electronic file on a dedicated server that has been developed that holds all building drawings from across the district, and other pertinent building-related items. Applegate praised the work, saying he feels better knowing these files are readily available and backed-up. The district’s design guidelines are also stored in this file.


SFD Update

District Facility Plan Approval – In March NCSD submitted their formal Facility Plan to the state of Wyoming. This plan includes the planned disposition and mothballing of some current facilities. The state’s commission approved the mothballing of the buildings by a 4 to 3 vote and will consider NCSD’s request to dispose of the other buildings at their May Commission meeting. Had the commission not allowed the mothballing request it’s unclear what would be required of NCSD to do with the buildings.


KWHS Project Updates –  Superintendent Steve Hopkins said the SFD accepted the proposals for work done at the KWHS project. This includes the re-do of the road west of the Staffelino Complex, fencing along 12th street, and some wireless microphones.


Bay said the contractor at KWHS is trying extremely hard to have the new parking lot complete by the state track meet in May. Weather issues play a role in slowing this work down. The storage shed near the KWHS track should be complete by the State meet as well.


Trustee Clark Jensen asked for clarification on what decision was made regarding the road to the west of the Staffelino Complex. Bay said the road will remain but will not carry through to what is now a parking lot. Gates will be installed to limit access. Jensen also asked about the updates that were requested at the track and jump pits. Bay confirmed those projects have been completed.


Trustee Christopherson asked about the progress at the MACC. Tunison said the demolition has been completed and construction has started this week. The depressed floor section will be cut next week. IPC members discussed having a future meeting at the facility to see the progress.


Trustee Applegate thanked staff for the information provided in the meeting.


The next regular meeting is scheduled for Friday, May 4, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. at NCSD’s Central Services Facility.



Board members: Dave Applegate, Kevin Christopherson, Ray Catellier, Clark Jensen
Staff: Steve Hopkins, Dennis Bay, Michael Jennings, Scott Honken, Doug Tunison, Allen Bruggman

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