Board Construction Steering Committee Meeting Report – March 2, 2018

The Board Construction Steering Committee (CSC) met on March 2, 2018. After approving the minutes from the January 26th meeting the committee discussed the following items:


KWHS Temporary Road

CSC Chair Dave Applegate introduced the KWHS Temporary Road item and Doug Tunison projected a map overview of the road’s location, which connects 12th street to the temporary parking lot on the west side of KWHS’s campus. The committee discussed the following options and the struggles and possibilities for each of the options.


Option 1 Keep the road as-is except for the ramp to the parking lot – Estimated Cost: $75,000

  • Remove about 100 feet of road (ramp into parking lot)
  • Miscellaneous repairs and re-grading to existing
  • New fence on ditch side
  • New sidewalk to connect parking lot to existing sidewalk @ Staffelino athletic fields


Option 2 Install a new road – Estimated cost: $200,000

  • Remove and replace existing asphalt re-grading and re-seeding
  • Remove and replace
  • New chain-link fence on ditch side
  • New sidewalk to connect parking lot to existing sidewalk @ Staffelino athletic fields


Option 3. Abandon and remove road – Estimated Cost: $64,000

  • Remove existing asphalt and base material and re-grade
  • Install new chain-link fence on ditch side
  • Re-seed disturbed areas & repair irrigation system


The committee agreed to go with Option 1, but with the addition of tearing out the road and re-doing it to an extent that it would be longer lasting than it currently would be. Re-worked estimation numbers will be acquired. The CSC then received updates on other smaller issues within the KWHS project.


Major Maintenance Rate Increase

Tunison said that Caspar Building Systems has requested a small rate increase within the Major Maintenance Contract. Tunison said the increases are minor and reflect local market conditions. Tunison said the rates that will impact NCSD are the small increases to the project manager rate and the self-performed work rate. The major maintenance contract provides for annual adjustments. The CSC were in agreement with the recommendation and the full board will consider this item at their next meeting.


Public Hearing

Steve Hopkins said at the next board meeting a public hearing will be held, then the regular board meeting will be held, and during the regular session a motion will need to be made and approved to proceed with the building closures and building mothballing that is set to take place.


Student and Staff Safety and Security

Applegate said the CSC’s responsibility will be to analyze the safety and security of the infrastructure. Applegate said it would be a good idea to have a spreadsheet with a status update on each of the district’s building. Hopkins added that the building assessment should also be re-done. Applegate said part of the assessment process should include analyzing how building entrances are being utilized. Hopkins said a culture change within the buildings needs to be adopted where students and staff that are in the buildings are empowered to keep their buildings safe. Other possibilities for consideration brought forward were: the addition of metal detectors at each main entrance, adding extra staff members at building access points, examining the protocol for classrooms that are different than the others (glass-walled classes), an alternate alarm noise for an active shooting event, updated building plans provided to police, and mechanisms that essentially lock classroom doors and do not allow entry. Kevin Christopherson said a risk study should be part of any planning moving forward.


Facility Maintenance Planning Project

This will be a future agenda item


The next regular meeting is scheduled for Friday, April 6, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. at NCSD’s Central Services Facility.




Board members: Dave Applegate, Kevin Christopherson, Ray Catellier

Staff: Steve Hopkins, Michael Jennings, Scott Honken, Brad Diller, Doug Tunison, Jamie Cordonier, Duane Reimer, Allen Bruggman


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