Board Construction Steering Committee Meeting Report – January 26, 2018

The Board Construction Steering Committee (CSC) met on January 26, 2018 at Natrona County High School and discussed the following items:



Superintendent Steve Hopkins told the CSC that the budget for the MACC build-out project is $1.5 million. Construction costs are near $1.3 million, FF&E (which will also serve as contingency until the construction is completed) is $52,000, Architect and Engineering fees are $95,000, and owner’s overhead is $5,000. Doug Tunison went over the alternates for the project:

Alt 1 – lower concrete slab so the new BB wood floor is a continuous level surface – $170,036

Alt 2 – additional long jump runway and sand pit to allow for hosting of meets – will be included $40,879

Alt 3 – convert nursing room to concessions room – will not be included

Alt 4A, 4B, 5 – new guardrails, scorer area along north mezzanine area – will be included $43,717

Alt 6A, 6B – Beynon sports flooring – expensive flooring option – will not be included

Alt 7A, 7B – Connor sports flooring – preferred by NC and least expensive – will be included $535,249

Alt 8A, 8B – Robbins sports flooring – most expensive flooring option – will not be included

Alt 9 – 2 suspended competition basketball goals with shot clocks – will be included $66,185

Alt 10A, 10B – because of the choice of Connor flooring system there will be deducts for the wood flooring – will be included (deduction of $18,176)

Alt 11 – Connor wood flooring – will be included $219,831

Alt 12 – Horner sports flooring surface (wood) – will not be included

Alt 13 – Robbins sports surface (wood) – will not be included

Alt 14 – Prep concrete floor for sports flooring using a light bead blast – will not be included at this time, if needed will come from contingency $35,000

Alt 15 – Credit to eliminate demolition of existing wood floor (deduction of $6,390)

The total base bid plus accepted alternates is $1,296,085 w/o the lowering of the wood BB floor.


NCHS Principal Shannon Harris spoke about a desire amongst NCHS staff to have the track size be sufficient to have six, 200 meter track lanes. The architect looked into the possibility but the increased size of 200 meters would interfere with too many other items in the facility. As it is now the track would be sufficient to host a state track meet. Dave Applegate said he is pleased that the total is coming under the $1.5 million budget and brought up the idea of the long-term quality of the build-out. Applegate said he believes the alternative to lower the existing concrete floor (Alt #1) would be a good idea for the long-term benefit of the project. Kevin Christopherson agreed, saying the leveling the wood BB floor could create opportunities to have additional sports within the space.

Christopherson said without leveling this floor could limit the versatility of the building. Ray Catellier said he realizes the floor isn’t perfect, but doesn’t think the cost is worth it, saying that the difference in heights would be negated by wide transitional pieces between the rubber track surfacing and the wood BB floor. Christopherson said the MACC is a community facility, and the possibility of going to the Rec Board for the additional money would be a solution. Catellier said if that if the Rec Board funding option was available it would change his mind about that alternate, and he would be in support. Superintendent Hopkins said using Rec Board funding available to NCSD would be a viable option. The CSC had consensus to include Alternate #1 within their proposed recommendation as long as the money comes from NCSD’s Rec Board fund. The CSC discussed leaving the alternate #1 out and adding it back as a change order. Hopkins advised that option wouldn’t work because it was already presented in this current bid. In addition the CSC discussed the 2 suspended (from the roof) basketball hoops as a separate item, because other contractor’s prices were lower. They also discussed starting concrete demo (Alt #1) as soon as possible to stay on the proposed schedule (October 2018). In addition, NCSD will ask Haass Construction (apparent low bidder) about a number of alternate items that they are higher on than other contractor’s bids. Before Principal Harris left, Superintendent Hopkins thanked her for serving as a filter to her staff’s wants and requests.


Lincoln Pre-school Addition

Tunison said the Design/Build contracted budget for the Lincoln PreSchool addition is $600,000 for construction and design plus FF&E, owner’s overhead, and contingency. The total D/B estimate at this point is $640,000, the total project budget is $670,000. Tunison reminded the CSC the project was a “Design/Build” project, meaning that the design and construction is all together as a package and that as the components are competitively bid by the D/B Team, they might be lower. Tunison also presented renderings of the design, which connect well to the existing building. Foundation work will begin first part of March with a completion date sometime first part of August 2018, prior to school starting. Bay expressed his affection for design/build contracts because it holds the contractor/architect to a set price. Catellier asked about items that are listed in the estimate but not included in the contract. Tunison said some of these items were alternates and not included, while some of them will be paid for with FF&E or alternate funding sources within the budget.


Minutes from the January 12th meeting were approved with no objection.


The CSC then discussed possible changes to facility use fees and policies.


The next regular meeting is scheduled for Friday, March 2, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. at NCSD’s Central Services Facility.




Board members: Dave Applegate, Kevin Christopherson, Ray Catellier, Dana Howie

Staff: Steve Hopkins, Dennis Bay, Michael Jennings, Shannon Harris, Doug Tunison, Allen Bruggman




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