Board Construction Steering Committee Meeting Report – December 8, 2017

The Board Construction Steering Committee (CSC) met on December 8, 2017 at NCSD’s Community Activities Center (old CYJHS gyms). After approving the minutes from the November 3rd meeting, the committee discussed the following items:


NCHS Final MACC Design

Perry Gilbert and Cheryl Wilson of GSG Architecture attended the meeting to give an update on the final build-out of the NCHS MACC Building. They started their presentation with a list of the alternates:

  • Recess the wood gym floor to provide for level floor of wood and rubber activities/track floor
  • Wood gym floor not recessed; Gilbert shared a sample of the rubber transition flooring from new rubber activities/track flooring to wood gym floor (if not recessed)
  • Second long jump runway and sand pit; Shannon Harris said this item is a top priority for staff
  • Convert existing Nursing room to new concessions area
  • Guardrail on the upper level of the storage mezzanine which would allow use of only new scorers’ area
  • Adding stairs and a door for the new scorers’ area on the upper level of the storage mezzanine for accessibility
  • A guardrail along the upper level of the storage mezzanine that so that storage could be Code compliant
  • Install a rubber activities/track flooring system; proposing to acquire bids from Beynon Sports Surfaces, Connor Sports Flooring, and Robbins Sports Surfaces. Samples of each of these types of surfaces were shared with attendees.
  • Two suspended basketball goals for the competition court
  • After discussion, the additional portable basketball goals will be District FF&E
  • Provide electrical power to coiling doors in the storage area (as an aside, the group discussed aligning one of those coil doors with the exterior door to allow for a “straight-shot” while moving items in the facility)

Next, Gilbert spoke about reusing portions of the existing court separation curtains to save money.


The bidding process will open on January 18, but construction won’t begin until mid-April, so that will allow for feedback from all groups prior to work beginning.


Lincoln Preschool Design/Build Progress

Doug Tunison reported that interviews just concluded for this project. NCSD received a $600,000 estimate from the team of Pope Construction and Stateline No. 7 Architects. The project should be completed by mid-August 2018.


Verizon Cell Tower at NCHS Status

Tunison said Verizon has accepted the proposal to install four LED light arrays at NCHS Stadium in exchange to install a new cell signal on the site. Tunison hopes to have these installed this coming summer, 2018. The new light arrays will be installed on existing light poles, while only the pole holding the cell antenna will be new.


Project Updates



Shannon Harris said the new building is amazing; it is a great learning space for kids in every aspect. Harris said there are still small items that need to be taken care of, but the teachers love the new space. Dave Applegate credited the architect for the spaces that were created. Harris said that as of right now the parking situation is good. Steve Hopkins said there are some frustrations with the timeline – saying the contractor hasn’t committed to the agreed upon end date in January 2018 for the dedication. Hopkins did say they are ahead of the contractual timeline, but behind the verbal timeline. Harris said she is keeping a running list of “punch-list” items. In terms of capacity, Harris said the biggest issue is 9th grade lunch, it is packed in all the eating areas. Current enrollment is about 100 under the capacity of the building.


Dennis Bay said flagpoles are installed near the front entrance and they’re putting in the structure for the annual Christmas tree display. Landscaping continues on the project, when there is no snow on the ground. Punch-list work continues in the music area. Steve Hopkins said there are a number of issues that are remaining on the project that have budget impacts:

PA system in gym – this will get fixed – the parts have been ordered; NCSD will not pay for any of this. The original PA system installed in the gym is woefully undersized.

Temporary road – road that leads to parking lot from 12th The road has started slumping near the NW corner of the Staffelino complex and will cost extra money. NCSD will attempt to be reimbursed for the cost of the road by the state. At the conclusion of this project this road is planned to be dead-ended because it would cost too much to continue it on long-term to the parking lot.

Proposed fence along 12th street – this would force parking to be off the street and move to on campus parking lots

Excess dirt – Sampson is balking at paying for the removal of the dirt on site; design team should pay for this

Retaining wall outside the wrestling room exit doors; block material has been stocked and contractor will start construction

Retaining wall at the Staffelino activity field – need to extend steps and walkways from the activity fields to the sidewalk along the west site of Campus Drive; not NCSD’s cost

Open drainage ditch along the northern edge of the site – would request that this open ditch be modified to a buried drainage system at NCSD’s cost

Additional parking on north side of pool building – proposals show a cost of $100,000 to prepare this parking lot

Melting issue on concrete stairs at the NE corner of the new building – melted snow comes down but has no drainage outlet and is causing ice buildup

KWHS Track

The track is almost complete. Some site fencing work and landscaping needs completed, but all the event areas are finished. Applegate remarked that the track is gorgeous.

Journey Elementary School – Landscaping complete

Journey is completely finished, including the landscaping. Only warranty items remain.

Bar Nunn Elementary School

Bar Nunn is under warranty; everything is complete.

NCSD Community Activities Center

This project is complete, including landscaping, painting, and exterior stucco.

Midwest School and Pool

Have a contract out for a new pool liner. When this liner is installed other miscellaneous issues will be taken care of at the same time. Tunison said the life of the liner is 10 years, but there are other pool equipment items that may need attention sooner.


Future Items Coming to the Board for Approval

Lincoln Preschool Design/Build Contract – Recommendation to negotiate the contract for Lincoln Preschool Design/Build Team with Stateline No 7 Architects/Pope Construction Company.

Journey Pathway Extension Contract – Recommendation to award the contract for Journey Elementary School Path Extension to the lowest responsible bidder, Grizzly Excavating and Construction LLC, in the amount of $171,568.00

Cottonwood HVAC Controls Contract – Recommendation to award the contract for Cottonwood Elementary School HVAC Controls to the lowest responsible bidder, eLogic Inc., in the amount of $69,300.

Midwest Fourplex Apt Bldg Sale Contract – Recommendation to accept the bid from FdL Operating LLC, for the purchase of the Four-Plex Apartment Building located in Midwest, Wyoming, for $102,000.


In Clark Jensen’s closing comments he thanked the committee and staff for the good discussion and said he feels like the committee received good information.


At this point the committee moved into Executive Session.


The next regular meeting is scheduled for Friday, January 12, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at NCSD’s Central Services.



Board members: Clark Jensen, Debbie McCullar, Kevin Christopherson, Dave Applegate, Ray Catellier
Staff: Steve Hopkins, Mike Jennings, Dennis Bay, Shannon Harris, Doug Tunison, Allen Bruggman
Guests: Cheryl Wilson and Perry Gilbert (GSG Architecture)



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