Board Construction Steering Committee Meeting – November 3, 2017

The Board Construction Steering Committee (CSC) met on November 3, 2017 at NCSD’s Central Services Facility. After approving the minutes from the September 29th meeting, the committee discussed the following items:


Project Updates



  • Peninsula parking lot asphalt is complete, finishing Campus drive final asphalt paving by today
  • Landscaping is continuing with sod and plantings on the north side of the building and around the east and north sides of the pool building
  • “Wall of Fame” sidewalk concrete is complete, and the stairs from the music building to Campus Drive are scheduled to be finished Nov. 7
  • The area to the north and east of the pool that is currently being used as a construction staging area will be worked on when the other paving projects are finished, this new parking lot will be constructed this winter, spring and open for 2017-2018 school year
  • The entire site will be finished by the summer of 2018



  • Last two phases that were combined to save 6-8 months of time are nearing completion
  • FF&E deliveries are continuing, installs continuing
  • The large moves are planned for Nov. 11-13 and Nov. 22-26; moving band orchestra and vocals from a temporary space to their permanent home, and moving from MACC to the new building
  • Gym floor finishing was reworked and completed Oct. 28 – the floor was accepted
  • District will receive certificate of occupancy soon


Bar Nunn

  • The back-punch, which is the approval of all the punch list items will occur Nov. 8
  • Warranty begins Nov. 9



  • The back-punch is complete and the building is under warranty
  • Areas that are un-landscaped are that way on purpose to await a greenhouse and a water feature on the playground


NCSD Community Activities Center (Old CYJHS gyms)

  • Main contract is complete and punch list is complete
  • Interior painting is finished – bright white
  • Exterior stucco is about 80% finished, will be done next week
  • New LED lighting in main gym was finished this week, and aux gym will be done next week – this new lighting is very is very bright compared to old
  • Exterior landscaping is all that’s left to complete


KWHS Track

  • New track is complete, including striping – small areas needing striping are all that’s left
  • Site fencing will be done by the end of November, and the site will be complete



  • Final build out is in design, and design is on schedule to be finished Dec. 15, then out to bid
  • Construction bids will open January 18
  • Board approval should occur February 12
  • Construction scheduled to start April 15 (assuming PE classes can be done outside)
  • Construction scheduled to be complete on October 15


Midwest Air Quality

  • October air sample results returned good
  • Next air monitoring sample scheduled for January, 2018



Lincoln Preschool

  • Instead of a design/bid/build contract the district is using a design/build contract that hires an architect and contractor at the same time; this speeds up the process and guarantees a final maximum price
  • An RFP was sent out this week, and a pre-proposal meeting will be held next week
  • The project includes two classrooms, with a toilet in each room, and a corridor; roughly 2000 sq. ft. total
  • August 2018 is the scheduled date of completion for the addition


NCHS Verizon Cell Tower

  • Starting negotiation with Verizon to put in new lights at NCHS on existing light poles
  • Musco quoted $250,000 for LED lights; haven’t heard back from Verizon on this


Major Maintenance

  • District receives annual allocation of funds
  • Staff identifies and prioritizes projects with state input; there is not enough money to cover all the requested projects
  • We have identified 51 “high-priority” projects at an estimated cost of approximately $5.5 million
  • There is a budget of $6.55 million; so this plan would leave $1.4 million to fund remaining lower priority projects or emergency projects that come about through the course of the year
  • There are approximately 50 of these lower priority projects


Building Disposition and Mothball Update

State will allow the District to close a building, and receive limited funding to keep it maintained while closed. This is what the term “mothballed” means. If enrollment increases in the future the building could be re-opened. A building that is mothballed will get inspected once a week to make sure the building has adequate heat, and that there are no damages to building, or other issues. Maintenance has developed a comprehensive checklist for this weekly inspection. The district would have to see a fairly significant increase in enrollment to re-open a mothballed building and with the current enrollment numbers and school closures, the district has approximately 200 open seats available.


Disposition updates:

  • Paperwork with the city is almost complete so the district will be able to publicly advertise the sale of the old Grant Elementary building.
  • The town of Mills has easements through the district-owned property; which has slowed the ability of the district to sell the property where the old Mills Elementary is. The district’s efforts to rezone the property have also been unsuccessful. The options left are to do nothing with the building; sell the property as is (with remaining zoning and easements); or demolish the building with state funding.


Future Items Coming to the Board for Approval

Bar Nunn Playground Install Bid – Recommendation to award a contract to Great Western Installations, Inc. in the amount of $50,176 to relocate playground equipment to Bar Nunn Elementary

NCHS Phases 5 & 6 Move Bid – Recommendation to award a contract for the move of NCHS Phases 5 & 6 to Workspace Innovations in the amount of $58,906

Mills Greenhouse Bid – Recommendation to accept a proposal from Wyoming Food for Thought Project for the purchase of the old Mills Elementary greenhouse in the amount of $750

Midwest Pool Liner Bid – Recommendation to award a contract for the new Midwest School Pool Liner to Natare Corporation in the amount of $68,400


In Clark Jensen’s closing comments he said he is thankful to work with trustworthy, transparent staff members.


The next regular meeting is scheduled for Friday, December 8, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at NCSD’s Central Services.



Board members: Clark Jensen, Debbie McCullar, Dana Howie

Staff: Steve Hopkins, Dennis Bay, Doug Tunison, Allen Bruggman


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