BFS Stakeholder Committee October 15, 2015

BFS Stakeholder Committee 10-15-15

Superintendent Hopkins welcomed the group and thanked them for their dedication to serve on the committee.

The committee then agreed that Google Drive was the container for meeting agendas, minutes, support documents and reports.

Mr. Kelly accepted feedback on Committee Projects:

  • Timecard online has been received positively by those piloting it. If an employee has multiple jobs, such as bus driver and custodian, they need to fill out an appropriate timecard for each job. Administrator approval looks much like workflow process with requisitions. Full implementation should come this spring.
  • Employee online – Classified members would like to be able to track incentive pay. Another suggestion was to include emergency contact information for staff.
  • Credit cards for the district were discussed. 170 cards are ordered, there are some errors on transactions coming from the bank, pilot testing has begun.

Kelly Eastes accepted feedback from the group on district communications.

The new website has launched and a several things were not present for employees as they were on the previous site. Eastes explained that the new site was for community and parents and that employee online (managed by IT) was to house all information and links for staff. Representative presented feedback from their members. There were positive and negative comments about functionality. Eastes said his team would work to address the suggested changes.

Eastes received feedback on the progress made on the other communication projects. The new Staff News, Administrator News and Parent News emails were discussed and received very favorable comments. There is a need to ensure acronyms are spelled out at the beginning of articles containing them.

Other comments included concern over staff access to computers. Superintendent Hopkins stated that if he knew where this was a problem; he would help the administrator address it.

Stakeholder Suggested Projects to be forwarded to Cabinet for Consideration:

NCASE – no comment

SEIO – no comment

NCAESS – no comment

NCEA – no comment

The next meeting is November 5th.

In attendance: Kelly Eastes, Ryan Kelly, Kent Thompson, Casey Cloninger, Carl Myers, Drew Walker, Sonja Leimback, Annette Ambrosino, Ila Kaiser, Scott Honken, Mike Pyska, Shellie Kirk, Chad Sharpe, Brenda Miller, Scott Honken, Sydney Webb, K.C. LeClere, Vicki Skates, Dennis Bay and Steve Hopkins.


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