28th Annual Ag Expo Provides Learning Experience for Natrona County 3rd Graders!

Third-grade students from Bar Nunn, Crest Hill, Fort Caspar Academy, Manor Heights, Midwest, Park, Pineview, Poison Spider, Southridge, and Verda James participated in the 28th Annual Ag Expo hosted by the Natrona County Cow-Belles and learned all about Agriculture!

Students were provided the opportunity to visit many attractions that taught them about the different components of agriculture and how it benefits us locally and all around the world. Some BIG attractions included: a Percheron horse, standing 19 hands high, a Percheron-mix mule, standing 16 hands high, and a 7215R John Deere tractor. The Wyoming Animal Damage Management Board brought a trailer with taxidermied animals for viewing. A poster explaining the parts of plants we eat was available for students to review, and the Natrona County Cow-Belles had a station explaining different tools for identifying livestock.

The students also had the opportunity to complete different fun and interactive worksheets on “Name the Baby Creatures,” “Spot the Acts that are not Kind to Mother Nature,” and a “Chef Solus Food Safety Crossword Puzzle.”

Thank you to Casper College for hosting this event and the Natrona County Cow-Belles for putting together such a fantastic Ag Expo!

Photos attached of this opportunity! (photos courtesy of Ruth Putnam- NCSD Athletics and Activities) 

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