2017-18 School Year Bus Registration

Registration for students who want to ride a Natrona County School District bus this fall is now open. Click here to register your child for NCSD Bus Transportation or visit www.natronaschools.org, click on the Parents/Students tab, then Transportation.

Registration is only required if you:

  • Are new to Natrona County School District
  • You just moved to the area and did not previously have a child attend NCSD
  • Your child is a first time student to NCSD (Kindergarten, 1st grade, etc.)
  • Your child changed schools since last year (5th grade changing to middle school, 8th to high school, moving from one elementary to another, etc.)
  • Your child moved/changed home addresses over the summer

If your child rode NCSD Transportation last year and you have not changed addresses or schools over the summer, you do not need to register your child.

The NCSD Transportation Department is implementing new routing software for the 2017-2018 school year.  

Your address must be correct in the Infinite Campus Portal in order to process bus routes through this software.

Note: All parents are encouraged to go to the Parent Portal in Infinite Campus and verify that your physical address is correct.

If the physical address where the student resides is not correct:

  1. For middle and high school students contact your student’s school to update information.  For elementary students contact the school or the Infinite Campus Help Line (253-5306) and update the address/contact information.  
  2. After updating address, go to natronaschools.org, click on the Parent/Student tab at top, then scroll down and click on the Transportation tab.  A bus registration link will show on the Transportation page.  Click on this and complete an on-line registration for each child.  
  3. You can also update on-line through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

On-line registration requests must be received by 3:00 p.m. on Aug 25, 2017 to ensure you have a route for the first day of school.  Requests are electronically date/time stamped when you submit online.

Transportation staff will begin calling parents the week of August 21, 2017 with student’s information. Contact your child’s school or IC Helpline if your phone number and/or address is not accurate in Infinite Campus.


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