Pathways Innovation Center – Meet the ACME Academy Teaching Team!

The Pathways Innovation Center is nearing completion and will be ready for students in August 2016. This building will offer a unique experience for 11th-12th grade students. It is a half-day program and students will be enrolled in a combination of four credits that are centered on student interests. The four academies are designed around student interests and career fields. It is an opportunity for students to explore within their interests while in high school before entering the workforce and/or college. Over the next few weeks we will be introducing you to teachers and coaches from the ACME, BANR, CACD, and HSHS Academies.

Meet the ACME Academy Teaching Team!

ACMEStudents will be engaged in designing and building through robotics, construction, architecture, CAD, cabinetmaking, auto, welding fabrication, and/or engineering. Certification opportunities in AWS Welding Certification, ASE Auto Student Certification, and OSHA 10-Hour Authorization.






hurleyMance Hurley

ACME Academy Coach/Metal Fabrication Teacher

Previous Teaching Experience: 3 years at Natrona County High School as a CTE Instructor, 3 years as an Academy Coach

Hobbies/interests: Family, Fishing, Hunting, Back-Packing, Rock Hunting

What are you looking forward to most at P.I.C.?

“I’m looking forward to students applying their learning to a real life project that is in an area they are interested in. I’m also looking forward to collaborating with a team that has a common unified vision of what learning looks like for students and staff.”

 “This facility is of its self a teacher. The open concept of the Pathway Innovation Center allows learning opportunities just from being able to watch what is going on in different areas of the building.”


park-picDebra Park

English Language Arts teacher/facilitator/instructor

Previous Teaching Experience: 12 years English teacher at Central Wyoming College, 9 years at NCSD’s Transitions Learning Center. Now, on to PIC!

Hobbies/interests: Most anything outdoors: photography, hiking, camping, kayaking, bike riding, skiing, snowshoeing. Also love travel, reading, writing, cooking, art, music.

What are you looking forward to most at P.I.C.?

“I’m especially looking forward to working more collaboratively with students and my colleagues: planning our work, our learning, our projects and fun stuff. Yes, I think life and learning can and should be as much fun as possible. Literature, discussion, reading and writing are great ways to improve communication in general, and employers often say communication is one of the top tools look for when hiring, not to mention the personal, lifelong benefits of being a good communicator. That’s always my focus in teaching.”

What would you tell a student who is “on the fence” about enrolling at P.I.C.?

Maybe students are getting a lot of direction from others, pressure even, but I hope they will deeply listen to their own hearts and minds on this one. You have a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new way of learning, so if you feel it might be a good fit for you, give it a try! You have little to lose and perhaps a world to gain.”

What was your favorite subject(s) in HS?

“As you can imagine, I actually loved English and have been an avid reader since my mom and dad read Charlotte’s Web to me as a child. Later, however, I discovered I really like making things, learning about science, understanding the effects of history, and even using math to manage my finances so I can go on crazy trips to fun places. Wish I’d taken more math and learned more construction skills. Maybe I will now!”


Hill Profile pictureRob Hill

Construction Tech Teacher

Previous Teaching Experience: Construction Teacher Transitions Learning Center

Hobbies/interests: Enjoying my family, fly fishing, outdoor activities and building

What are you looking forward to most at P.I.C.?

“I am most excited about the opportunity to look at education from a different lens. An emphasis on project based, team oriented designs is what I am most excited about. Having a building with no limitations as a world-class facility is exciting. I am probably most enthusiastic about the students that we will have. I believe for a great percentage of students, PIC will be a turning point in their careers and help them to find their passion.”

What does your first semester at P.I.C. look like?

“I believe PIC will be entirely different than traditional education. Collaboration amongst teachers and students will allow cooperative style educational projects that make learning authentic, inspiring and personal to each person. My hope is that all students are afforded an opportunity to learn in this type of setting.”

What was your favorite subject(s) in HS? How do you use your educational experience in your classroom?

“My favorite classes were always hands on, authentic style courses. It seemed “real” to me and made sense. They are the classes that I retained the most information. I believe it is more important to learn about systems and processes than it is to retain knowledge that is not directly applied. Making building projects as real as possible is my favorite part of designing curriculum and I believe it serves students in my area best.”


burrowsDwight Burrows

Math Teacher

Previous Teaching Experience: 5 years NCSD/13 years teaching total/I have taught Math, Science, and CTE

Hobbies/interests: Outdoor Sports and Adventures

What are you looking forward to most at P.I.C.?

I’m most looking forward to having the students enrolled in elective classes that not only help them prepare for their futures, but also use the math skills we’ll be learning about in our math classes. This is going to be a unique and interesting experience for students and teachers. I’m excited about what we’re doing, and I hope all our new students will be too!

What was your favorite subject(s) in HS? How do you use your own educational experience in your classroom? My favorite subjects in high school were math, science, and the electives where I got to build things. So it’s no wonder that as an adult, I have spent my time in fields (like Engineering, Field Artillery, Aviation, and now Pathways) that apply math to real-world situations.

corsonTroy Corson

Automotive Teacher

Previous Teaching Experience: CTE Instructor at Midwest Schools for past 2 years

Hobbies/interests: Flying and building R/C helicopters, Restoring old cars, Fishing

What are you looking forward to most at P.I.C.?

“Students will have the opportunity to experience real world problems and intergrade classes into real world experiences. Students will have the opportunity to take ownership of their education and have the ability to become life long learners that will help them embrace the future work force.”



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