Compact Steering Committee Goal and Strategies Outlined for Upcoming Year

The mission of the Compact Steering Committee is to ensure a culture of excellence through systemic continuous improvement and the collaborative governance model aligned with Baldrige principles through the Compact.

Superintendent Steve Hopkins opened the meeting by welcoming the group and reviewing the committee purpose and norms. Upon approval of the September 9th, 2015 minutes the group began work on the Compact Steering Committee goal and strategies.

Superintendent Hopkins reviewed with the committee previous work in relation to the Compact Steering Committee Goal and shared the three agreed upon strategies which are listed below:


By May 2016, The Compact Steering Committee will adopt a systematic and systemic plan to support and promote opportunities for any stakeholder to actively participate in the Compact.


Strategy A – Initial: Improve the orientation processes, for all new employees, to help them understand the purpose and function of the Compact.

Strategy B – Ongoing & Sustained: Create courses on the interest-based process to allow Stakeholders to get in-depth learning.

Strategy C – Integration and Leadership: Connect Leadership Development systems to the interest-based process courses to promote leadership development.

The Compact Steering Committee will continue work on the committee Goal and Strategies with draft action plans presented at the December meeting.

In closing, a draft Compact Steering Committee Work Plan was presented by Superintendent Hopkins, which included task items for the year ahead. The committee reviewed and approved the work agenda for the upcoming year.

The next Compact Steering Committee Meeting will be December 10th, 2015 from 4:00-6:00 in the Fairdale Room.


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