Midwest Student Spirit Pays Off

Student Spirit Pays Offlogo_nchs_lrg

On Friday, October 30th, the Oiler Pep Bus headed to Rawlins to support the Lady Oiler’s volleyball team at the 2015 Regional Tournament. Fourteen high school students consisting of 12 boys and 1 girl cheered until they were hoarse during the Oiler’s first match against Lingle/Ft. Laramie. Besides being a very loud and supportive group, six of the boys also stepped up their school spirit by painting their chests maroon. Each young man then sported one white letter to spell out “Oilers”.

Although, the Lady Oilers lost in 3 games the pep squad kept up their enthusiasm throughout the match. Their school spirit was evident to Oiler fans, and apparently to Viking fans as well, when the students and their sponsor’s lunch tab at Pizza Hut was paid for by a nice gentleman from Lingle/Ft. Laramie. Each student responded respectfully by thanking him and shaking his hand. When asked why he did it, he said, “I liked their school spirit and they made me laugh.”

After a lengthy conversation on how to pay the gentleman back for his generosity, the students decided to Pay It Forward by putting the cash amount they would have paid for lunch and donate it to the Cole Creek Fire Victims.

Thank you to the Lingle/Ft. Laramie gentleman and the thirteen students who inspired his generosity: Will Chapman, Kayden Best, Logan Drinkwalter, Dalton Bogart, Dustin Bogart, Shawn Nelson, Jordan Neilson, Jacob Harper, Oaklan Schroeder, Kia Hudson, Alex Garbutt, Kaleb Smith, and Jasmine O’Brien.

In addition, the students and volleyball team were treated to a visit to The Rawlins Museum before lunch. The students enjoyed a tour of the museum and were intrigued by the story and display of “Big George”. They were also split into four teams to debate the guilt or innocence of Cattle Kate and Tom Horn. The students stated  in both cases there was not enough evidence to find either one of them guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

It was a great day with fun, learning, and a reminder to us all that good things really still do happen!

courtesy of Midwest School 

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