High School Planning Main



The Natrona County School District is upgrading its secondary education facilities and programs.

Kelly Walsh and Natrona County high schools will be renovated in three stages to better accommodate growing student populations and 21st Century learning needs.

Meanwhile, a new high school campus also is planned for the district. The new campus will provide a home for Roosevelt High School and the Transitions Program, as well as an Academy-based learning center. The academy approach will allow students to take courses in four categories or academies: Academy for Creative Arts, Communication & Design; Academy of Health Sciences & Human Services; Academy of Business, Agriculture & Natural Resources; and Academy of Architecture, Construction, Manufacturing & Engineering.

The state has appropriated $275 million for the design and construction of these new campuses.


The Natrona County School District is undertaking a transformation that will change the way we see the high school experience. This is many years in the making, but now the district wants to show the community how education can look different and how it can better prepare students for life after high school.

To help bring awareness to this project, parents, students, staff, community leaders, policy makers, anyone can log onto a website created just for this transformation. By visiting www.ncsdtransform.org you will be able to learn more about the campus transformations planned at each of Casper’s three high schools, you can find out how the academy approach to education can make a difference for so many students, and you will be able to get involved in planning for this new high school experience.

This effort to “transform the high school experience” will take the ideas, engagement, and investment from the entire community. You are invited to join us in the journey as “Pathways” are created and graduates are groomed for success.