Title III

NCSD offers English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) programs to support students of limited English proficiency in the following schools:

Elementary: North Casper, Evansville and Fort Caspar Academy

Middle: Centennial Junior High, Dean Morgan Junior High,

Secondary: Natrona County, Kelly Walsh and Midwest High Schools

When students enroll in NCSD, parents complete a home language survey. Students whose home language is not English are screened for English proficiency. Students who score below proficient on the screener are encouraged to enroll in a school with an ESL program.

In an ESL program, students attend regular classes for much of the day in addition to meeting individually, or in small groups, with an EL instructor who focuses on language development. Families of English Learners are encouraged to enroll students in schools with an ESL program.

Interpreter services are also available for families. Please call 253-3151 for more information.


Kim Jones
ESL/ELL Coordinator