department_photoParents and community members, working with the support of the Natrona County School District staff as a resource, comprise Connections (formerly Parent-Community Advisory Council, or PCAC). The goal of the team is to work with the school district and community to support high-quality education for all students.

A partnership of parents, staff, students, the Board of Trustees and the community leads to the best possible education for our children. Connections plays a vital role in this partnership.

Connections meets on a regular basis with administrators and other NCSD staff to ask questions, discover answers, voice concerns and formulate possible solutions. Connections meets once a month during the lunch hour.*

For more information about Connections, please contact a Steering Committee member or Michelle Wallace-Frank at 253-5222 or

What We Do

The team remains as informal and flexible as possible in its operations while functioning under the following guidelines:

- To be a voice of the parents and the community
- To participate in decision-making processes for the district
- To maintain representation on district-level committees, task forces and other ad hoc groups
- To help maintain effective and continuous communication among Natrona County schools, parents and the community
- To provide a forum for cooperation among parents and the community
- To encourage parents to become involved with their child’s school
- To share ideas and information regarding school and community programs
- To work with all partners to promote a high-quality education

Steering Committee

Ellen Parke, 234-7927

Sheri Mitchell, 235-4923

Dietra Kessel, 267-3404

Melissa Hugget, 277-2084

Meeting Schedule

The Connections Steering Committee is in the process of revamping the committee, including new goals and determining meeting dates and topics.

The topics scheduled to be discussed at Connections meetings are subject to change according to the needs and requests of the committee. In the past, the committee has covered topics such as:

*Board and superintendent goals — district direction
*Drop out/attendance report
*Staying connected to schools and informed of your student’s progress
*Student achievement
*Improving secondary education
*Keeping schools and children safe while students are achieving
*Enrollment process for the upcoming school year

Connections also receives regular updates concerning facilities, Summer and Winter Bridges, organizational assessment and legislation.