Central Services Facility

Food available, help needed for Totes of Hope

Leftover food available for hungry children
The Natrona County School District Totes of Hope program has donated food left over from last year. This food is not part of this year's distribution plan and needs to go to students in our community.

Volunteers needed
Volunteers are needed for NCSD's Totes of Hope program, which supplies hungry students in the district with a bag of food to take home over the weekend. Volunteers are needed to stuff bags each month, which will occur from 4 to 7 p.m. in the last bay of the bus garage (922 Foster Rd.) on the following Wednesdays:

Sept. 28
Oct. 19
Nov. 16
Dec. 21
Jan. 18
Feb. 15
March 21
April 18

Volunteers should park in the lot outside of the gate and walk to the last garage door.

Shopping bags neededM
Plastic shopping bags are needed for NCSD's Totes of Hope weekend food program. If your classroom is looking for a community service project, please consider having them collect plastic shopping bags to be donated to this program.

Any questions about the above-referenced information should be directed to Lori Burns in the NCSD Community Partnerships Division, at lori_burns@natronaschools.org or 253-5394.