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District History Day Competition scheduled for March 20th.

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The District History Day Competition is officially scheduled for March 20, 2010 at the Wold Physical Science Building on the Casper College campus. We are excited to have renewed our partnership with Casper College and are committed to making District History Day a positive experience for everybody involved.

The National History Day 2010 theme is Innovation in History: Impact and Change. More information about the theme, rules, and competition can be found on the National History Day website at www.nationalhistoryday.org

Student registration is now open. Forms can be obtained by downloading them from the American History Cowboy Coalition's homepage or by emailing martha_karavitis@natronaschools.org. Registrations are due by March 15th.

Volunteers to help with the event are encouraged to complete the volunteer form found on the AHCC homepage (just above the student registration form) or to email Martha Karavitis.