Centennial Junior High

Centennial's Angel Network helps during the giving season

Centennial Junior High's Angel Network is busy helping others during this year's giving season:

Angel Network Clothing Store
The Centennial Angel Network Clothing (ANC) Store is being set up with shelving and hanging bars for clothing to fit all shapes and sizes of students. Students in need will visit the store during a private shopping session with the nurse or principals. Students may select clothing in their size that they like and an Angel Network Certificate will go home in their shopping sack to explain the gift to parents. Donations of gently used clothing would be appreciated.

The store will stock:
T-shirts and other teen-friendly shirts
Clothing appropriate for music performances - black pants/skirts and white shirts

The ANC Store also will maintain a generous supply of shaving kits stocked with bathroom items and blow dryers, and makeup kits stocked with bathroom items, blow dryers and curling irons.

Angel Network Medical Financial Support
The Centennial Angel Network will provide financial support for identified families in need of:
Medical visits
Dental visits

Identified families in need will be notified of the service. Families will be reimbursed by the Angel Network when they provide receipts and bills.

Homeless families may receive help from the Angel Network and other support systems in place through the district.

Angel Network Winter Wonderland Holiday Shopping Store
The Angel Network Winter Wonderland Holiday Shopping Store will be held Friday, Dec.19, the last day before the holiday break.

The store will be set up in Centennial's multipurpose room. Staff members and parents are encouraged to bring donated, gently used items that students can purchase and gift wrap for family members on the last day before break. Gently used or donated items might include those items that you would typically include in a garage sale.

Teachers who donate items will be given "Winter Bucks." Winter Bucks will be handed out to children who are going above and beyond, being considerate, trying hard, helping someone else doing extra credit work, going out of their way for others, improving behavior, etc. Students will be able to exchange their Winter Bucks for holiday gifts.