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NCSD celebrates retirees, 25-year employees

The Natrona County School District on Tuesday recognized its retiring employees, as well as those who have served the district for 25 years.

“It’s the people in our schools and in our community that make the biggest difference for our kids,” said Superintendent Joel Dvorak. “It’s the bus driver who asks how a child is doing every morning. It’s the custodian who gives a student a high-five at lunch. It’s the teacher who celebrates a child reading his first book or passing her big test.”

Employees who were celebrating their 25th anniversary with the district received the traditional engraved ‘school bell,’ while retirees were given a retirement gift and honored with a short speech about their service.

Long-time employees recognized Tuesday included:

Karen Bayert, Marlene Bean, Linda Becker, Valerie Braughton, Jane Brown, Bonnie Busskohl, Vickie Cawthra, John Coronado, Debbie Crank, Karen Crimm, Louise Crowe, Madeline Dettloff, Kathy Dickman, Lois Distad, Rebecca Ellsworth, Laurie Fedje, Michael Flicek, Geraldine Galles, Brian Gish, Jane Grogan, Michelle Grove, Susan Harrison, Paula Hess, Ila Kaiser, Brenda Kennedy, Glenda Mahaffey, Rodney Mahaffey, Anne Marken, Frank Martin, Margaret McAtee, Michael McLellan, Diane Miller, Michael Miller, Kathy Neely, Sherilyn Olsen, Gregory Paulson, Loren Pearce, Annita Pizza-Rintamaki, Lauri Rail, Darla Reese, Cindy Rosty, Theodore Sager, Charleen Schutte, Esther Scoffield, Kim Skatula, John Turner, Caroline Washut, Diane Weiss and Jack Williams.

Retirees who were recognized included Craig Carlsen, Maria Chavez, Chris Frude, Arlene Henry, Luella Hinderliter, Patricia Hoover-Coefield, Kathleen Keefe, Donna Mathern, Janet Mills, Susan O’Connor, Dianne Park, Mike Pickett, Janice Rayburn, Linda Schmiedt, Sandra Sherman, and Barb Wood. Other retirees in 2010 included Bill Bolles, Paula Cool, Catherine Holton, Linda Jaap, Margaret King, Donelle Lowham, Sherilyn Olsen, Cathryn Parker, Andrea Sepeda, Jan Schulz and Helen Wilking.

Also Tuesday, Dr. Dvorak presented the first annual “Superintendent’s Award” to one outstanding retiree in honor of her longtime service not only to the district but also the community and state. Chris Frude, principal of Paradise Valley Elementary School, received the award in recognition of her years of service and support for preschool in Natrona County and Wyoming.

“You have been a critical component in helping our 3-year-olds become 5-year-olds who are ready for school and in building a foundation for their success throughout their lives,” Dvorak said.

For pictures from the 2010 Retirement and Longevity Celebration, please visit www.natronaschools.org and view the slideshow "Retirement & Longevity 2010" under "Photos."