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District announces History Day winners

The theme for this year's History Day was Debate and Diplomacy in History. Contact Martha Karavitis at 253-5348 with questions. (The list is sorted by category and then place; student name(s); project name; school.)

Junior individual documentaries
1. Lane Hendricks; Titanic; Dean Morgan
2. Bridger Helm; Heart Mountain Relocation Center; Poison Spider

Junior group exhibits
1. Ashley Budack & Teresa Johnston; Relocation Camps: Heart Mountain; Poison Spider
2. Morgan Colgan, Kierstan Jozwik, Paul Jozwik, Jason Cook & Kristian Jackson; Kill the Indian, Save the Man; Poison Spider
3. Daniel Bliss & Jack Hampton; Mt. Rushmore, the Land of Debate; Poison Spider

Junior individual exhibits
1. Lindsay Bergman; Ping Pong Diplomacy; Dean Morgan
2. Savannah Wilkinson; The Space Race: How Competition Launched Diplomacy; Frontier
3. Mykal Hogan; American Civil War; Frontier

Junior group websites
1. Sierra Hiser, Rachel Shade & Jacelyn Phipps; Evolution vs. Creation; Poison Spider
2. Catherine Kerr & Channing Greenelsh; One Child Policy; St. Anthony

Junior individual websites
1. Ashley Schmidt; Death Penalty; Poison Spider

Junior group performance
1. Shelby Whitman & Melissa Phillips; John Brown: Martyr or Murderer; Dean Morgan

Junior individual performance
1. Jenae Pope; Catherine the Great; Poison Spider
2. Jordan Yates; The Brown Bottle Battle; Dean Morgan

Junior paper
1. Alex Rich; US – Korea Relations: Did Real Diplomacy Ever Exist; Poison Spider

Senior group documentaries
1. Kyle Plummer & Amanda Luper; Tears of Ink: The Cherokee Trail of Tears; NCHS
2. Ashlee Belveal & Andrew Belveal; Oralism vs. Manualism; Home school
3. Sally Murray & Rachelle Zirger; The Nixon Doctrine; KWHS

Senior individual documentary
1. Anna Schenfisch; Women in Christianity: Equal or Inferior by God's Design; NCHS
2. Kathleen Nganga; The Scramble for Africa: Diplomacy through Imperialism; KWHS
3. Veronique Gallegos; Internment of Japanese Americans; NCHS

Senior group exhibits
1. Courtney Stratton, Jessica Bisar, Emily Ellbogen & Maegan Murphy; Were the Japanese Denied Their Constitutional Rights? The Debate Over the Internment of Japanese Americans; NCHS
2. Maddison Dillon, Mary Elizabeth Pickrell, Ashley Christopherson & Brandi Haupt; Ping Pong Diplomacy: The Week that Changed the World; KWHS
3. Emily Brunelle, Karan Hilderbrand & Sadie Ridgeway; Gender Debated: Women -Do Not- Need Rights; KWHS

Senior individual exhibits
1. Gabriel Miller; The Antarctic Treaty; KWHS
2. Jacob Colman; Warning: Parental Advisory; St. Anthony
3. Ajay Peddada; The Fat Man and the Little Boy: The Atomic Bomb Debate Continues; NCHS

Senior group website
1. Jordyn Carlsen, Samantha Good, Larisa Jones & Alex Kahler; 444 Days of Terror: the Iranian Hostage Crisis: KWHS
2. Rayman Martinez, Manny Hurley & Austin Street; Cuban Missile Crisis; NCHS
3. Amanda Hinchey, Emily Erdahl & Rachel Franke; Johnson County War; KWHS

Senior individual website
1. Brad Doherty; The Cuban Missile Crisis; NCHS
2. Pete Arndt; Grizzly Bears: Back from the Brink; KWHS

Senior group performance
1. Hannah Acres & Katie Elston; Insane Asylums: A Lighter Side, To A Darker Side; NCHS
2. Paulina Strayer & Natassia Strayer; Robin Hood: Fact or Fiction; KWHS

Senior papers
1. Bret Bihr; Shots in the Dark: the Tonkin Gulf Resolution: A Matter of Diplomacy and Debate; KWHS
2. Marcus Couldridge; The Unsung Story of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty: KWHS
3. Lindsay Hepworth; Won’t It Be Funny When Women Vote?; NCHS