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NCSD announces District History Day winners

The Natrona County School District hosted its District History Day on Saturday.

This year's theme was "Innovation in History." Winners will go on to the Wyoming History Day competition April 26, 2010.

Winners are:

Junior Group Documentaries:
1. Margaret McMillan, Jamie Jayne, and Mystic Smith – Benjamin Franklin - DMJH
2. Justin Kelly and Jacob Schmidt – Getting the Game off the Ground – Poison Spider
3. Kian Evans and Sam Fowler – Plane That Broke Sound Barriers – Poison Spider

Junior Individual Documentaries:
1. Kathleen Nganga – Underground Railroad - DMJH

Junior Group Exhibits:
1. Ashley Budack and Teresa Johnston – First in Flight – Poison Spider
2. Daniel Bliss, Jack Hampton, and Bridger Helm – Evolution: Union Pacific – Poison Spider
3. Morgan Colgan, Ashley Ooka, and Kristian Jackson – Have Any Last Words – Poison Spider

Junior Individual Exhibits:
1. Weston Richner – The Fence that Changed the West – Poison Spider
2. Tessa McCardell – The Brunton Pocket Transit Mapping the Way for over 100 Years – Poison Spider
3. Janae Pope – Coca-Cola: A marketing Innovation – Poison Spider

Junior Individual Websites:
1. Josh Anderson – Rescue Helicopters: Let’s Fly to the Rescue - Frontier
2. Ashley Schmidt – Kevlar – Poison Spider
3. Mykal Hogan – Cuneiform - Frontier

Junior Group Performance:
Jordan Yates and Tobin Brielle – James Watt, Steam Engine - DMJH

Junior Individual Performance:
1. Alex Rich – Fluoosh: The Flushing Toilet – Poison Spider
2. Melissa Phillps – Fred Harvey: Entrepreneur - DMJH
3. Chase Bray – Grace O’Malley - DMJH

Junior Paper
McKinley Earnest – Deadly Virus Killed with Dead Virus – Poison Spider

Senior Group Documentaries:
1. Katelyn Birkett, Taylor Padilla, and Casidy Mittelstadt – There is No Substitute - KWHS
2. Nile Plummer and Kyle Plummer – Unmovable: The Integration of Music and Progression of Civil Rights. - NCHS
3. Kaitlynn Dyer and Alex Trimble – Plastic: The Gift that Never Goes Away - KWHS

Senior Individual Documentary:
1. Madison Orcutt – Teenagers: The Evolution of an Era - NCHS
2. Kyri Margharos – The Rise and Innovation of Punk Rock: A Rocumentary of Social Change in America - NCHS

Senior Group Exhibits:
1. Abby Elston and Samantha Case – The Invention of Aqueducts - KWHS
2. Mitchell Bradley, Spencer Bradley, and Aaron Putter – Barbed Wire - KWHS
3. Katherine Kerpchar and Peter Walker – Innovation in History: In 3D -KWHS

Senior Individual Exhibits:
1. Graham Wallace – The Berlin Wall - NCHS

Senior Group Website:
1. Jordyn Carlsen, Teresa Fuller, and Dana Grapes – Foto-Grafis: Control of Light, Impact and Change - KWHS
2. Ali Gobble and Shelby Sawyer – Innovation Zero - KWHS
3. CJ Monville and Raymon Martinez – The Interstate Highway - NCHS

Senior Individual Website:
1. John Beeson – The Typerwriter: Keying its Way into History - KWHS
2. Shyleana Donohue – Duct Tape - NCHS

Senior Group Performance:
1. Tara Hensley, Jessy Noblit, Ariel Wagner – Stepping into the Future: The Evolution of Prosthetics - KWHS
2. Kavan Hildbrand, Adam Katz, Ana Katz, Halea McAteer, Paulina Strayer – Classified: Navigation - KWHS

Senior Papers:
1.Taylor Yates – Blueprints for Innovation: The Evolution of the Shopping Mall - NCHS
2. Lindsay Hepworth – Disneyland: Only an Imagineer’s Creation - NCHS