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Science Fair results released

The results for the 2010 District and Regional Science Fair, held Feb. 13 at Verda James Elementary School, are as follows:

Regional — grades six through eight
Behavioral and social sciences
Second place: Bailey Marker, Poison Spider — "Musical Effects"

First place: Brooke Smothers, Casper Classical Academy — "Shaking for Butter"
Second place: Shandrea Kant, Poison Spider — "Acne Zap!"

First place: Jenae Pope, Poison Spider — "To Kill A Killer"
Second place: Daniel Bliss, Poison Spider — "Different Soil, Different Growth"
Third place: Shane Cuthbertson, Poison Spider — "Soaking Seeds"
Third place: Ben Francis, Casper Classical Academy — "Different Soils"

Third place: Kevin Thompson, Casper Classical Academy — "Paper Chromotography"

Earth and space science
First place: Tessa McCardell, Poison Spider — "Black Sand Depositional Patterns"
Third place: Sydnee Gassiot, Casper Classical Academy — "Less Is More"

Third place: Jacob Schmidt, Poison Spider — "Flamable When Wet"

Environmental science
First place: Connor Brewster, Oregon Trail — "Wind Turbine Efficiency"
Second place: Sophia Zettl, St. Anthony Tri-Parish School — "Life In A Bottle"
Third place: Jack Hampton, Poison Spider — "Elk, It's What's for Dinner"

Medicine and health
First place: McKinley Earnest, Poison Spider — "Is That Candy"
Second place: Bailey Patterson, St. Anthony Tri-Parish School — "Right or Left"

First place: Kaleb Smith, Paradise Valley Christian School — "Dirty Lemons"
Second place: Victoria Santiago, St. Anthony Tri-Parish School — "How True Is the 5 Second Rule"
Third place: Sofie Hof, Casper Classical Academy — "Clean Hands"

Third place: Julianna Bjorksten, St. Anthony Tri-Parish School — "Mixling Liquids"

First place: Jacey Phillips, Poison Spider — "Bone Appetit"
Second place: Dalton Garber, Poison Spider — "What Color of Bird Feeder"

Regional special awards
Best of show
Tessa McCardell, Poison Spider

Outstanding science
Tessa McCardell, Poison Spider

Energy award
Tessa McCardell, Poison Spider

District — grades four and five
Consumer science
Progressing: Lauren Bayer, Sagewood — "Slick or Sticky?"
Progressing: Luke Conklin, Crest Hill — "Battle of the Batteries"
Progressing: Abbigail Faxon, Paradise Valley Christian School — "Gulten Free Brownies"
Progressing: Elexis Forgey, Sagewood — "What's Your Favorite Color?"
Progressing: Breanna Matney, Paradise Valley Christian School — "Tough Beans"
Progressing: Emmanuel N'Tula, Verda James — "Spotless Pennies"
Progressing: Jack Spillers, Sagewood — "Awesome Absorbency"

Physical science
Proficient: James Bisiar, Oregon Trail — "From Mud to Music"
Progressing: Mike Harshman, Crest Hill — "Freezing Water Race"
Progressing: Hunter Hasskamp, Crest Hill — "How Gravity, Weight and Friction Affect Speed"
Proficient: Karley Hoelscher, Sagewood — "Egg-Citing Egg"
Progressing: Jesse Jensen, Pineview — "Diaper Dust"
Progressing: Robert Leyba, St. Anthony Tri-Parish School — "Gluey, Gooey Slime"
Proficient: Dilon Notestine, Sagewood — "Gears"
Proficient: Ana Mae Shickich, St. Anthony Tri-Parish School — "Separating Colors"
Progressing: Rilie Woolson, Sagewood — "Which Cleans the Best?"

Progressing: Trevor Evenson, Verda James — "The Power of Mentos"
Progressing: Patrick Jones, Crest Hill — "Geometry of a Soccer Goal"
Progressing: Jake Pearson, Crest Hill — "Shake, Rattle, Roll"

Proficient: Julien Fujita and Tiffany Baier, Crest Hill — "Structure of A Catapult"
Proficient: Gabi Reimann and Katie Gruner, Crest Hill — "Do Plants Like Caffeine"
Proficient: Brianna Romero and Lisandro Johnson, North Casper — "Air Pollution — It's Killing Us!"

Earth space science
Proficient: Joey Geil, Crest Hill — "Wind Turbine Energy"
Proficient: Abree Hill, Sagewood — "Slope of Angle and Amount of Erosion"
Proficient: Diana Lemon, Crest Hill — "What Are Crystals"
Progressing: Lindsay Sabre, St. Anthony Tri-Parish School — "Eddy Currents"
Progressing: Calvin Speth, Woods — "Light Pollution"

Life science
Proficient: Baylee Hack, Sagewood — "Alaska Peas"
Proficient: Trevor Johnson, Crest Hill — "Natural or Not"
Progressing: Noah Katzmann, home school — What Beans Need To Grow"
Progressing: Mackenzie Kern, Crest Hill — "Transpiration: The Coloring of Flowers"
Proficient: Kara Marchant, Verda James — "Dancing on the Wind"
Proficient: Brittney Scarlett, Verda James — "Family Relationship and Fingerprints"
Proficient: Isaac Socha, Pineview — "Driving Distractions"
Proficient: Makayla Wheeler, Pineview — "Fingerprint Families"

District special awards
Best of show — earth and space
Abree Hill, Sagewood

Best of show — life science
Kara Marchant, Verda James

Best of show — physical science
James Bisiar, Oregon Trail

Best of show — team
Julien Fujita and Tiffany Baier, Crest Hill

Outstanding Science Charles E. Wolf and NCEA awards
James Bisiar, Oregon Trail