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NCSD announces District History Day winners

On March 21, Natrona County School District students participated in the district's History Day, part of the National History Day program.

The State History Day competition is April 19-20, and the National History Day competition is June 14-18.

This year's theme is "The Individual in History: Actions and Legacies." Students are challenged to examine the role of an individual, famous or not, and the impact that person's actions had on history. Projects must go farther than presenting a biography or description of individuals, examining instead the cause and effect and change over time. "The challenge for students engaged in a National History Day project with the theme of 'The Individual in History' is to capture that specific moment in time in which change occurred and the role played by an individual," explains the National History Day Web site.

For more information, please visit the Wyoming History Day Web site at ahc.uwyo.edu/eduoutreach/historyday/default.htm or the National History Day Web site at www.nationalhistoryday.org/.

Winners of the NCSD History Day competition follow:

Senior Division:

1st Patrick Rodgers, KWHS
2nd Annette Hein, Home school
3rd Nile Plummer, NCHS

1st Ciara Foldenauer, NCHS
2nd Jason Hartman & Sean Henley, KWHS
3rd Samantha Hendy, KWHS

Individual Documentary
1st Kyrannio Margharos, NCHS

Group Documentary
1st Bryce Mittelstadt, Derek Munday, & Logan Hendrickson, KWHS
2nd Katelyn Birkett, Casidy Mittelstadt, & Taylor Padilla, KWHS

Individual Exhibit
1st Darren Lojo, KWHS
2nd Emma Narotzky, KWHS
3rd Kristen Trumbull, NCHS

Group Exhibit
1st Logan Wren & Aaron Miller, KWHS
2nd Robert Yarbro, Noah Creel, Jacob Paulson, & Harrison Johnson, KWHS
3rd Brescia Larsen & Michael Tanner, KWHS

Individual Performance
1st Ashlee Belveal, Home school

Group Performance
1st Tara Hensley, Jessica Noblitt, & Ariel Wagner, KWHS

Junior Division:

1st Alliyah Lopez, DMJH
2nd Aubrey Jones, St Anthony’s Tri-Parish
3rd McKinley Earnest, Poison Spider

1st Jared Black, Chandler Bogart, & Raylyn Pettigrew, DMJH
2nd Alex Green, St. Anthony’s Tri-Parish
3rd Ashley Schmidt, Poison Spider

Individual Documentary
1st Andrew Belveal, Home School
2nd Courtney Stratton, Poison Spider
3rd Joshua Bliss, Poison Spider

Group Documentary
1st Kaitlin Conley & Haley Stack, DMJH
2nd Ryan Ogden & Brieawna Ewing, Poison Spider
3rd Jacob Schmidt & Justin Kelly, Poison Spider

Individual Exhibit
1st Tessa McCardell, Poison Spider
2nd Ryan Jones, CJHS
3rd Jenae Pope, Poison Spider

Group Exhibit
1st Teresa Johnson, Ashley Budack, & Kiersten Jozwik, Poison Spider
2nd Sarah Page & Cassie Schade, DMJH
3rd Ashley Bogart, Nicole Deming, & Caitlin Waltmeth, Poison Spider

Individual Performance
1st Kirsten Bright, Home school
2nd Kate Elston, DMJH

Group Performance
1st McKenna Silva & Hannah Rentz, Woods
2nd Kailey Richner & Chandler Hiser, Poison Spider
3rd Heather Loraas, Mickala Schmidt, MacKenzie Infanger, Lauren Hedges, & Kali Grangruth, Poison Spider