Fort Caspar Academy


Phone: (307) 253-3400

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Principal: Rick Edwards

Office Manager: Kim Lucas

Address: 4100 W. 38th St., Casper, 82604







“Let students learn in a structured environment. Educate both the student’s intellect and character. Advocate strong parental involvement. Ready the students with the core academic skills. Nurture high standards of achievement.”

Fort Caspar Academy is proud to have earned recognition by the U.S. Department of Education as a 2016 National Blue Ribbon School. To be considered for this honor, schools must score in the top 15% of schools on state assessments (for example, in Spring 2016, FCA 3rd grade achievement scores on PAWS were first in the state on math and second in the state in reading). Our students, parents, teachers and staff have worked as a team—as a family—to achieve consistently strong academic performance.  At FCA, parents are empowered to develop and refine the ongoing practices of the school.

The effectiveness of FCA’s academic curriculum is maximized with a parallel curriculum emphasizing Character Development. We believe it is our responsibility to help students become successful, happy adults. Our Core Virtues (responsibility, hope, respect, diligence, honesty, courage, gratitude, faithfulness, compassion, forgiveness and humility) go a long way toward meeting that goal.


Curriculum at FCA is rigorous and sequential, based upon Wyoming’s Content and Performance Standards.

Saxon Math is used for strong foundational skills. This foundation is enhanced by My Math, Eureka Math, Kahn Academy, Moby Max, LearnZillion and other appropriate supplemental materials.

Our comprehensive reading and writing program, The Spalding Method, focuses on phonics, vocabulary, fluency, text comprehension, spelling, grammar, handwriting and vivid self-expression. Cursive writing is taught beginning in second grade.

Art, Music and P.E. classes are an integrated part of FCA’s overall curriculum, enhancing character education, reading and math skills to benefit the whole child.

Music, Art, and P.E. classes are also part of the everyday education.

Science and Social Studies are taught at each grade level.

Since it’s inception, FCA has used the Core Knowledge sequence as the foundation of its curriculum content.


Band and Orchestra are held before school. Fourth and fifth grades may participate in volleyball and basketball on campus through the Casper Recreation Center.  After school activities include Student Council, Lego Robotics Club, Jr. Lego Robotics Club, P.E. Club, Spelling Bee, Chess Club, and Young Engineering & Scientists Club.


Classes at Fort Caspar Academy begin at 8:35 a.m. and run until 3:35 p.m. Before-school tutoring activities are available starting at 8 a.m. After-school activities vary in times.


Parents are so crucial to the “heart-beat” of FCA that all incoming parents will be invited to a Parent Orientation. You may also call the school and request an orientation at your convenience. For additional information, please visit our website at