Retiring NCSD Employees – 2016-17

Congratulations and a hearty thank you go to the following employees who have retired from NCSD during the past school year. Good luck on your future endeavors and thank you for the impact all of you have had on our community!

Susan Anderson – Casper Mountain Science School

Belita Birzer – SESC

Stephanie Blevins – Poison Spider

Barbara Boster – DMJH

Larry Brauchie – KWHS

Nancy Brauchie – KWHS

Dean Braughton – Student Support Services

Jodine Burback – Transportation

David Busch – DMJH

Christine Casterline – KWHS

Mark Cimburek – DMJH

Barbara Clark – SESC

Judith Cole – Pineveiw

Betty Coleman – Transportation

John Coronado – Transportation

Janet Corry – Midwest

Debra Dressler – Transportation

Deborah Fields – Student Support Services

Mary Fowler – Bar Nunn

Geraldine Galles – Bar Nunn

Madeline Galloway – Mills

Gwendlyn Garcia – Fort Caspar

Claudia Grigg – Verda James

Donna Hall – Grant

Susan Heisner – Verda James

Billye Hiser – Warehouse

William Holland – Transportation

Mary Holt – IT

Cynthia Huckfeldt – CCA

Christopher Iselin – NCHS

Donald Kaiser – DMJH

Anne LaPlante-Miles – Summit

Sonja Leimback – NCHS

Vicki Long – NCHS

Debra Mapp – DMJH

Doreen McGlade – HR

Virginia Nielsen – Lincoln

Darice Orpet – SESC

Debra Park – PIC

Connie Peck – Pineveiw

Annita Pizza – NCHS

Margaret Potter – Mills

Lauri Rail – Verda James

Mary Reynolds – IT

Eva Robbins – Transportation

Deann Rochelle – Cottonwood

Mike Rodell – Multimedia Services

Thomas Rowley – SESC

Amy Russell – Mills

Joel Schenfisch – DMJH

Judith Sheets – Crest Hill

Raymond Shellabarger – Transportation

Kim Skatula – Verda James

Ernest Smith – CJH

Susan Smith – CYMS

Sandrea Smith – NCHS

Deborah Songe – Transportation

Joel Southwick – Grant

Geoellen Stretesky – HR

Debra Tarr – NCHS

Bobbie Vanhouten – CCA

Robert Wallace – NCHS

Bonnie White – Crest Hill


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