Region 3 History Day Results

The Region 3 History Day was held at Kelly Walsh High School Saturday, March 18, 2017. History Day categories include multimedia documentaries, imaginative exhibits, papers based on research related to the annual theme, dramatic performances, and original websites in both a junior division (6-8 grades) and a senior division (9-12 grades). The judges, who evaluate their entries, are volunteer professional historians and educators from the community. This year’s theme was Taking a Stand in History. Every student participating chose a historical topic related to the annual theme.

The top three winners in each category advance to the State competition April 9-10 at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, WY and the program culminates at the Kenneth E. Behring National History Day Contest June 11-15 at the University of Maryland at College Park.

The Wold Foundation, created in 1985 by the Wold family, donated $2,000 for monetary awards for first, second and third place. The Wold Foundation exists to assist, encourage and promote charitable, scientific, literacy and educational endeavors. Thanks to Ms. Jeanene Lang, Executive Assistant to Mr. Peter Wold of Wold Oil Properties, for being present to congratulate each of the winners and hand them their certificates. Ms. Lang is pictured with the winners in each category.


Junior Group Documentary

1st place: “The 369th Infantry: The Harlem Hellfighters,” Hunter Nash, Trevor Knighton, Garrett Stumbough, CY, Bryce Mittelstadt teacher

2nd place: “Malala Yousafzai,” Jenessa Melendez, Katarina Nicely, CY, Bryce Mittelstadt teacher

3rd place: “Tank Man and the Tiananmen Protest,” Terrin Bergh, Miles Petro, CY, Bryce Mittelstadt teacher



Senior Group Documentary

1st place: “Jessie Owens: Taking a Run, Taking a Stand,” Amanda Haller, Britney Force, NC, Jeff Crouse teacher

2nd place: “Muhammad Ali: Taking a Stand against the Vietnam War,” Caitlin Porter, Maddie Horning, NC, Jeff Crouse teacher

3rd place: “Malala Yousafzai: Taking a Stand for Women and Education for all,” Ana Mae Shickich, Maxwell von Gunten, Sofie Bjorksten, KW, Sally O’Brien teacher



Senior Individual Documentary

1st place: “The Passion: The Stand Tupac Shakur Took in History,” Daiven Francis, NC, Deanna Barnes teacher



Junior Group Exhibit

1st place: “Life and Journey of Father De Smet,” Nolan Hornecker, Sam True, St. Anthony’s, Dawn Easton teacher

2nd place: “American Civil Liberties Union: Fighting Discrimination against the LGBTQ Community,” Julianna Harden, Ashley Morgan, Ethan Howard, CY Bryce Mittelstadt teacher

3rd place: “Harriet Tubman,” Ryleigh Wilkinson, Taylor Atchley, CY, Bryce Mittelstadt teacher


Senior Group Exhibit

1st place: “Irena Sendler: A Tale in the Garden,” Alan Harley, Toni Kerr, KW, Inga McCoy

2nd place: “The Culper Spy Ring,” Bailey Bonner, Emily Richardson, NC, Deanna Barnes teacher

3rd place: “Here I Stand, I Can Do No Other,” Emma Shutts, Kristy Dick, NC, Jeff Crouse teacher



Junior Individual Exhibit

1st place: “Rosa Parks,” Akasha Redwing, CY, Brice Mittelstadt teacher

2nd place: “Stan Spawn: Taking a Stand Against Popular Opinion, Doing What His Country Asked,” Preston Warsco, Poison Spider, Dana Curtis teacher

3rd place: “Theodore Roosevelt – Conservation President,” Anna Hoyt, CY, Bryce Mittelstadt teacher



Senior Individual Exhibit

1st place: “The Black Fourteen,” Alexis Holscher, NC, Deanna Barnes teacher

2nd place: “John Muir – John of the Mountains,” Emerson Beck, NC, Deanna Barnes teacher

3rd place: “Lili Elbe and the Beginning of the Transgender Community,” Catherine O’Connor, NC, Jeff Crouse teacher



Junior Paper

2nd place: “Mary Wollstonecraft: Standing Up for Women’s Rights,” Calla Shosh, CY, Whitney Wilking teacher



Senior Group Website

1st place: “Richard the Lionheart – Taking a Stand Against Saladin,” Dillon McCardell, Sheridan Stewart, Andrew Becker, NC, Jeff Crouse teacher

2nd place: “Voltaire’s Historical Stance Against Hypocrisy,” William Endelman, Alijandro Parra, NC, Deanna Barnes teacher

3rd place: “The Apollo-Soyuz Mission,” Matthew Hills, Gideon Williams, NC, Deanna Barnes teacher



Senior Individual Website

1st place: “Charles Darwin: Taking a Stand for Science,” Payton Hallsted, NC, Jeff Crouse teacher


Archeology/Anthropology Award

Archeology is the recovery and analysis of the material culture and environmental data left behind, which includes artifacts, architecture, bio- and eco-facts and cultural landscapes. Archaeology studies human prehistory and history from the development of the first stone tools in eastern Africa 4 million years ago up until recent decades.

Carolyn Buff, Executive Secretary/Treasurer of the Wyoming Archaeological Society is presenting the Archaeology Award to Payton Hallsted, Senior Individual Website, “Charles Darwin: Taking a Stand for Science,” NC, Jeff Crouse teacher.



AAUW Award

The American Association of University Women helps promote equity and education for women and girls. AAUW has worked as a national grassroots organization to improve the lives of millions of women and their families through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research by taking positions on the fundamental issues in the educational, social, economic, and political fields.

R.C. Johnson, AAUW President, is presenting the award to Alan Harley and Toni Kerr, Senior Group Exhibit, “Irena Sendler: A Tale in the Garden,” KW, Inga McCoy teacher.


Congratulations to all the participants for a job well done!


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