Star Lane Center

Phone: (307) 253-3100

School Website

Assistant Principal: Ron Estes Jr.

Office Manager: JoLynn Clayton

Address: 3000 Independence Court, Casper 82604

Star Lane Center is a half-day program available to all ninth- through 11th-grade students in Natrona County. Students may attend either a morning or an afternoon session to earn their core academic credits in English, science and social studies. Students take electives at their home school the other half of the day.

At Star Lane, teachers welcome students as partners in learning. There are no classrooms or textbooks. Instead, students work in small study groups of eight to 12 people, led by a teacher. Guided small group discussions allow students to share and test knowledge. Community professionals and other experts work with students to investigate local, national, and global issues and professions.

Students with all kinds of interests and abilities who are ready to take on more responsibility will be successful at Star Lane Center.

Curriculum is embedded in a series of problems, issues, scenarios, ideas or concepts. Students work through each problem in small groups, guided by a teacher and supported by community experts. Through these problems, they also study the required high school subject matter in language arts, science, and social studies. Each problem ends with a project or public presentation. Students also earn an elective credit in technology. Students are graded on an individual basis and evaluated on portfolios that provide evidence of their learning. Students also are assessed on their contribution to the group effort.

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Students participate in activities and athletics through the school they attend during the half day not spent at Star Lane (KWHS, NCHS, RHS).