School Safety


Andrea Nester
Risk Manager
(307) 253-3172

As part of NCSD’s continuous effort to keep our children safe, the District has revamped its safety protocols that are used in dangerous or potentially dangerous situations in or around District buildings. Below are the new protocols that will be utilized.

– Heightened awareness is required due to a general safety concern.
– Lock all external doors (including the main entrance)
– No one exits or enters the building
– No outside activities, including recess
– Everyone must remain inside until the situation is declared safe

– An immediate and real threat to the school/district has been identified.
– Quickly glance outside room to direct students or staff from the hallway into your room immediately
– Secure/lock your door
– Lower or close blinds or window coverings
– Look for the “safe area” to place students
– Turn out lights
– Keep everyone quiet

Alert * Take Action * Evacuate (if possible) * Resist as a Last Resort