Advanced Educational Offerings

NCSD prides itself on developing schools and programs that meet the individual needs of our learners. We have high expectations for all of our students and know that they will be challenged by the rigor and depth of our curriculum. Consequently, Natrona County School District follows an inclusion model, in which teachers differentiate instruction according to each student’s needs. We strive to meet the needs of all learners, including those identified as advanced learners.

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Advanced Educational Offerings

To begin the public school journey of the child, our district provides preschool in 12 of our schools.   Early intervention is a well-researched intervention that our district embraces. As students move into kindergarten we provide a screening to help parents and schools determine the best educational option for their child. As students move into kindergarten we provide a screening to help parents and schools determine the best educational option for their child.

All elementary schools provide kindergartens that differentiate instruction for their group of students and provide flexible group learning at the child’s level. In addition, the district provides several classic kindergarten classrooms for students that developmentally need more support to be ready for kinder but are 5 years of age. This additional time helps the students academic and social learning opportunities, giving the student the optimal components necessary for learning success.

New this year our district is providing an advanced learning opportunity kindergarten for those students that need an academic challenge and are 5 years of age. All teachers within our school district find different ways to scaffold learning expectations for student success. However, the advanced learning opportunity kindergarten gives students access to this same level of scaffolding instruction with a rigor level appropriate & designed to their academic needs. A critical component that would be maintained through the advanced learning opportunity kindergarten would be the integrity of what a true kindergarten classroom would look like socially and emotionally.

Our district goal is to meet the needs of all students; those who are successful in traditional kindergarten classrooms, those students the same age that are academically advanced, as well as those kindergarten students who may struggle. With the addition of the advanced learning opportunity kindergarten as another option, it is our district’s intent, for the public school journey of each student, to provide them with optimal learning experiences thus promoting each students success at the earliest intervention level possible.

Kindergarten Screenings for Upcoming 2016-17 Academic Year

  • Kindergarten screenings will be held January 14, 2016 through January 22, 2016 in the gym at the old Westwood School, 2300 Bellaire Drive. Appointments will be scheduled from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. A limited number of early evening appointments, from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. will be available on January 19 and 21,, 2016 only. Please call to schedule an appointment after January 7th. 

All elementary schools within our district find numerous ways to provide for different learning needs of students. Teachers work collaboratively to develop units of study based on the guaranteed and viable curriculum. These units of study provide for rigorous and relevant learning for all students. Some key strategies used to implement instruction with differentiated expectations include:
• Flexible Leveled Groups
• High Interest Reading Materials and Student Choice
• Leveled Books and Assignments
• Open-Ended Questions/Targeted Questioning/Thinking Strategies
• Reflection Journals/Reading Logs
• Multi-Content projects
• Independent Projects
• Exploration and Discovery
• Reasoning/Problem Solving
• Technology

NCSD also offers a Gifted and Talented program for elementary students in first through fifth grade.

Middle Level
NCSD offers a Gifted and Talented program for students in sixth through eighth grade at CY Middle School.

In addition, all NCSD middle level schools offer various Advanced Educational Opportunities.

Casper Classical Academy

Centennial Advanced Class Offerings

CYMS Advanced Class Offerings

Dean Morgan Middle School Challenge Program

High School
Kelly Walsh High School Advanced Offerings
Natrona County High School Advanced Offerings