NCSD Announces 2017-18 10-Day District Enrollment

The 10-Day enrollment count for the 2017-2018 School Year at Natrona County School District is 12,869 students. This figure shows further declining enrollment at the elementary level (see graph below) resulting in an excess capacity of 970 seats for the 2017-18 Academic Year. These figures are based on an 18:1 student to teacher ratio in kindergarten through third grade and 26:1 in fourth and fifth grade.

In light of a three year trend of decreasing elementary enrollment and excess capacity of elementary seats across the district and in efforts to continue be sensitive to budget constraints, facility maintenance, and excess capacity, there is a need to right size District facilities.

​Newer elementary school construction projects seen at Bar Nunn, Lincoln, and Journey schools were approved by the state during a period of enrollment increase and before the current economic downturn. The Capital Construction funding earmarked for these projects was specifically designated and approved by the state 5 years ago during times of increased projected enrollment in NCSD.

The State of Wyoming has not approved the construction of any new schools for the past 3 years in NCSD.

As part of a proactive response to continued projected decreases in K-12 Education revenues, long-term planning and reduction approaches to budget development are needed over the next several years.  The Facility Condition and Capacity Study will continue to review all schools and non-school facilities in the District moving forward for the purpose of meeting the fiscal and efficiency responsibilities of the District while maintaining a priority focus on student learning.

Historical 10-Day Enrollment Figures
17-18: 12,869
16-17: 12,961
15-16: 12,965
14-15: 13,106
13-14: 12,804
12-13: 12,722


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