Evansville Celebrates Greenhouse Donors at Family Night Event

On April 20 Evansville Elementary welcomed families and community members to a Parent Night where they honored the individuals and organizations that have helped make their greenhouse program a success. Other activities at the school focused on plants and Earth Day as well, including: a nature walk that led to the greenhouse, a seed walk, and a Lorax planting center. A plaque was also unveiled that features the names of greenhouse supporters. At this point the following individuals/businesses are featured on the plaque: Randy Wentz, Lavin Tile, Larry Lavin, Clarissa Zook, LeeAnn and Jesse Miller, Sinclair, Bill and Catherine Koenig, Arrow Electric, CAID – Nancy and Greg Rino, Casper Community Greenhouse, Evansville PTO, Platte Valley Bank, Grandma Cheryl, City of Evansville Water Department, Mike Britt, and Ted Hanson.

Evansville uses the greenhouse to teach students about healthy eating habits, plant life, and it provides opportunities for problem-solving and critical thinking. Many staff members are diligently working to help students become Junior Master Gardeners.




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