DMJH Comets Shine Bright as Student Leaders!

The leadership class at Dean Morgan recently took on the challenge of raising awareness for pediatric strokes.  May is pediatric stroke awareness month, so the leadership group worked to help spread awareness in their own small way.  The class partnered with an organization called Noah’s Kuddles for Kids for this project. For the project, students worked hard to collect stuffed animals and blankets with a collection goal of 500, which they met and exceeded.

Students also came up with the idea of creating a wall with purple teddy bears (purple is the color for pediatric stroke awareness) and they placed a bear on the wall for each animal or blanket donated.

Each animal has a small information tag that tells the story of Noah, a 6-year-old boy who passed away in 2016 from a pediatric stroke.  Along with sharing his story, the tag also shares the symptoms and signs of a pediatric stroke.  The DMJH Leadership students are currently working to partner with local hospitals and possibly doctors offices to distribute the animals.  The hope of Noah’s Kuddles organization is that every child who comes into the hospital or emergency room would receive a stuffed animal for comfort, but also that their families would be aware that pediatric strokes exist and what the symptoms look like.

Great work Comets!!!!
For more information on pediatric strokes, please visit or

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