Casper Classical Academy’s NJHS Donates to Humane Society

Casper Classical Academy’s National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) held their annual Penny Wars from March 6-17.  There were four teams competing to see who could achieve the highest total within their jugs: 6th graders, 7th graders, 8th/9th graders, and staff. Any contributions of pennies to the jugs counted as a positive, while any other contributed coins counted against the total. Sabotage (i.e. donating “other” coins to competitors jugs) was strongly encouraged! 

At the conclusion of the Penny Wars the 8th/9th grade group had the highest total, winning a free PE day of their choosing.  The total funds raised allowed for a donation of $600 to the Casper Humane Society, the charitable organization chosen by CCA’s NJHS. The donation will help the Humane Society with medical expenses, food, and any other needs. CCA’s NJHS believes this is the highest amount raised by a Penny Wars competition. At their meeting on April 12, CCA’s NJHS presented the money to the Casper Humane Society.

Congratulations to the Casper Classical Academy student body, and the CCA NJHS for giving back to our community!

CCA NJHS Members: Ava Allsop, Paige Asmus, Camden Ballard, Paige Barclay, Tamryn Blom, Rachael Bradley, Alex Bright, Josh Burris, Katelynn Campbell, Abby Cash, Ella Cassity, Kayla Colburn, Marissa Collier, Mikayla Colling McDonald, Cole Connell, Kayla Cuka, Caitlyn Daniels, Kathryn Distler, Megan Duong, Michaela Fairbanks, Katie Farley, Makena Foster, McKenzie Foster, Payton Geuke, Ashlyn Glennon, Alaina Griffee, Abigail Grunner, Kaya Hartl, Mariah Heuer, Laura Hoversland, Makenzie Johnson, Alexis Ker, Hailey Litzinger, Jaylynn Longchase, Trevor Longhurst, Shaylee MacMillan, Carter Mahoney, Lauren Mahoney, Jose Maldonado-Soto, Maverick McIntyre, Emily McOmie, Hunter Mogen, Kennedy Moore, Audrey Moser, Avery Olson, Kalina Proudfoot, Lily Putnam, Austin Putnum, Jaelyn Ramirez, Briley Reichenbach, Emrie Rodrick, Rachael Schreckengost, Sydney Soliz, Chloe Stone, Ryan Swan, Henry True, Kolton Vail, Taya Vigil, Hannah Weader
CCA NJHS Co-Advisors: Cathy Bisiar and Jeanine Pickering



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