Board of Trustees Meeting Report – February 27, 2017

Adoption of English-Language Arts and Health Curriculums

As part of the District’s instructional model for developing and maintaining district-wide processes around curriculum, instruction, and assessment, new curriculums in the subject areas of English-Language Arts and Health were brought forward to the Board for approval. NCSD’s system aligns a standards-based curriculum and an aligned standards-based district assessment system to the Wyoming content standards and summative assessment structures.

This work has been broken into numerous stages of deployment assigned to the District’s Curriculum and Instruction Division.  The Subject Area Committees and Curriculum Coordinating Council have been meeting regularly since January 2015.  The District-recommended written curriculum for Health and English Language Arts (ELA) has incorporated systems of input, K-12 subject area guidance, designed processes for the essential components and outcomes to be identified, aligned to the description of the content standards, outlined a vertical learning progression, assist in resource alignment, and aligned district assessment systems to the content standards. There is alignment with internal and external mandates that support policy, statutory expectations and accreditation requirements.

The Board approved the Health curriculum and the ELA curriculum. During discussion, some board members remarked they were pleased with the information they received regarding the curriculums during the Board Academic Steering Committee meeting and the amount of work that has gone into writing the curriculum in both subject areas. Other trustees aired their concerns about the lack of establishment of vertical committees that will make the curriculum a “living” item moving forward.

Chairman Kevin Christopherson requested a work session topic in six months to address those concerns.


Graduation Rate Review

During the work session Associate Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction Walt Wilcox and Assessment Director Charlotte Gilbar presented on the most recent graduation rates that are available to NCSD. The presentation was centered on the data that is available to NCSD and the different ways that the graduation numbers are analyzed. The federal four-year, on-time graduation rate, the predictive graduation rate, the average credits earned with GPA, and the non-graduate rate are all data that are analyzed regarding the graduation rate. Three of the four NCSD high schools saw increases in their 2015-16 four-year, on-time graduation rate compared to the previous year. The board will hear a more detailed report on these graduation figures during the March 13 board meeting when the Quarter 2 (Oct. – Dec.) Quarterly Report is presented.


Capital Construction Monthly Report

Dennis Bay gave the following updates from his comprehensive monthly Capital Construction Report. The full report can be viewed here.


  • A letter of substantial completion was issued on January 5, 2017 for the Theater
  • New Bus loop complete, in use
  • Music Wing structural steel installation is complete, wall framing started
  • Demolition of existing Main Gym completion scheduled for March 10
  • Site landscaping has been placed on hold, continuing spring 2017



  • Phases 5 & 6 construction continuing
  • New Main Gym roof decking is complete, roofing is nearing completion
  • Exterior brick installation Main Gym on-going
  • Structural Steel Complete
  • Topping out party scheduled for March 1, 2017 11:00 am, view from parking lot South of MACC building


Bar Nunn ES Addition + new Preschool (2 room addition) +existing building renovation:

  • Steel roof deck completed
  • Classroom wings roofing completed
  • Exterior brick installation is continuing, nearing completion
  • Gym floor slab complete


New “Journey ES”

  • Drywall installation is nearing completion
  • Paint in Area B and C is ongoing
  • Exterior windows installation complete
  • Casework, fluid applied flooring, and ceiling grid are nearing completion in Area A


KWHS Pool:

  • Project “punch list” occurred, completing
  • Project completion is 2 months ahead of schedule


Journey PK- CYJHS Gyms Renovation:

  • Sampson Construction Contract is being reviewed by Sampson


Other items…

  • During the work session, Superintendent Steve Hopkins gave an update on the budget-related legislative actions that have recently taken place. The legislature has approximately a week left in their session. He also forecasted other education-related bills that are working through the senate and legislature.
  • New Board Certified Teachers (Kim Hilderbrand, Kindergarten at Southridge and Jennifer Bonnet, First Grade at Southridge) were recognized at the Board meeting, along with renewed Board Certified Teachers (Jennifer Christensen, Third Grade at Southridge, Maggie Jolly, Science at Dean Morgan, Becky Sondag, Language Arts at NCHS, and Jeanine Pickering, Math at Casper Classical)
  • Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) for Bar Nunn Elementary’s addition was awarded to four different low bidders in a total amount of approximately $145,000. The funding for these purchases will be split with the State Construction Department, School Facilities Division, pursuant to the Budget Split Calculation – NCSD’s total share is 12.43% of the entire order (approximately $18,000).
  • The Certified and Classified Personnel Report was approved and can be viewed here.
  • The next Board of Trustees meeting will be held Monday, March 13 at 7:30 p.m. tentatively at Kelly Walsh High School.

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