Board Construction Steering Committee Report – July 7, 2017

The Board Construction Steering Committee (CSC) met on July 7, 2017 at NCSD’s Central Services Facility. After approving the minutes from the May 19th meeting, the committee discussed the following items:


Verizon Cell Tower at NCHS

Doug Tunison said Verizon has approached NCSD about the possibility of installing a cell antenna to one of the light poles at NCHS. Tunison recommended doing something similar to the agreement that installed new light poles and a cell antenna at KWHS. The CSC discussed having two “reinforced” poles of the four total to potentially hold double light arrays to shine light on the adjacent track. The CSC decided to see if NCHS would like to fund anything above what any potential Verizon proposal would pay for.


Midwest Four-plex Apartment Building

Dennis Bay explained that across the street from Midwest School there are six houses that make up “Teacher’s Row”. Three of the six houses are occupied. “Navy Row” also has one vacancy of the seven available houses. In addition to those houses, there is also a four-plex apartment building that NCSD owns that will soon be completely vacant. CSC gave the approval for the District to begin receiving appraisals on the four-plex apartment building property for a potential sale.


Midwest Pool – Rec Board Grant Request

Tunison said that the Town of Midwest and Town of Edgerton have compiled a Rec Board Grant request of $250,000 that would fund needed pool repairs to the Midwest School’s pool. The request will be presented to the Natrona County Rec Board meeting following the CSC meeting on July 7. The CSC also discussed the need for a roof repair to the pool building that will be needed in the near future. Alternate funding options apart from any decision by the Rec Board were also discussed.


Grant Elementary Appraisals

Tunison reported on recent appraisals that have been received on the Grant Elementary building. The appraisals were the value of land minus the cost to demolish the building. The average of the two appraisals was $344,250. The Grant property will be put on the market as soon as the title is clear and the portables have been removed.


The CSC also discussed the old Mills Elementary building and the playground equipment. The CSC asked Bay to begin the process to move the existing playground equipment off the property and disperse to other NCSD schools.


NCHS MACC Build-Out Architect Selection RFP Update

Tunison said an RFP for the designer of the MACC build-out has been sent out. The plan calls for the RFP to close on July 20 and an architect to be selected by the end of July. The hope is for construction to begin in April 2018 and be finished in October 2018. Tunison is compiling the selection committee and Dana Howie and Dave Applegate have volunteered to serve.


Kevin Christopherson asked about refinishing the floors at the old CY gyms. Tunison said there is an allowance in the current construction contract for the CY project to refinish the floors.


Future Items Coming to the Board for Approval

CSF Server Room Cooling Bid (Ratification at July 19 board meeting)

Summit ES Central Plant Replacement Bid (Ratification at July 19 board meeting)


Before adjourning, Bay told the CSC a retaining wall is being poured this morning at KWHS. Tunison reported the KWHS track surface has been removed, the drainage system is being installed, and the long/triple jump pit is being relocated. Bay said at NCHS landscaping is occurring along CY and the gym floor is being installed. Tunison said the Journey Elementary building will essentially be finished this week and landscaping and other exterior items will be finished soon after. Bar Nunn addition is nearing completion.


The next regular meeting is scheduled for Friday, July 21, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at NCSD’s Central Services.


Board members: Kevin Christopherson, Rita Walsh, Dana Howie
Staff: Dennis Bay, Doug Tunison, Allen Bruggman



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