Board Construction Steering Committee Meeting Report – May 5, 2017

The Board Construction Steering Committee (CSC) met on May 5, 2017. After approving the minutes from the March 3rd meeting, the committee discussed the following items:


Construction Projects Review/Updates

Midwest – 1st air sampling has been completed; all samples are below the limits set by ASTDR and Natrona Co Health Department. 2nd round of air sampling is tentatively scheduled for mid-May. Renovation of HS wing due to water damage from frozen piping is on schedule; Midwest custodial staff has started some cleaning of portions of building, project is on schedule for August school opening. Pool has been filled with water, will be observing any decrease in water level; boilers are now ready for operation, Maint Staff will be initiating startup of systems.


Journey ES – Progressing towards completion. Flooring install ongoing, landscaping and weather cooperation is a factor. Project is on schedule for opening.


Former CY Renovation – The Journey PreSchool is progressing and on schedule. The District Gyms renovations are progressing; the exterior insulation finish system and interior gym painting will occur after the remainder of work by Contractor is completed.


Bar Nunn ES – Bay reported they are putting in ceiling tile. Once school is out, portables will need to be removed from the site, and the project should be completed easily this summer. FF&E should be delivered this summer.


KWHS – Hopkins said he recently had a meeting with KWHS reps regarding certain issues at the KWHS project. Hopkins said these items include sloping issues in two different places, one will be fixed with a retaining wall, while another will be fixed with cobbles. Hopkins told RB+B and Sampson that they need to fix these issues, and not at a cost to the District. Bay also had a meeting with Sampson regarding the parking lot. Bay said he stressed the importance of finishing the parking lots by the end of summer.


KWHS Pool – The pool project is wrapping up, with a few change orders to be completed.


KWHS Track – Drainage issues have caused problems with the track for many years now. NCSD was able to convince the state Facilities Department to invest the money in a drainage system to potentially have the new track surface last for longer than 5 years. The drainage system install will necessitate a move of the pole vault pits, something the state will not pay for. Civil Engineering Professionals, Inc. (CEPI) has worked with KWHS staff to find a solution, and it creates a facility that will be excellent not only for KW, but also for state track in the future. The recommendation to approve Ramshorn as the contractor on the project will come before the full board on Monday, May 8. The bid amount is $1,164,355.00. The state will pay $902,373.75 of that amount. In addition to the drainage, and movement of the pole vault pit, new long jump pits will be added, the shot put area will be relocated, and a new high jump area will be added. A retaining wall, fencing, and ADA sidewalks are also included in the project.


NCHS – Hopkins said there have been some quality control issues with the project. District observations will be increased and noted. Shannon Harris said a new issue she has discovered is a sewer smell that is predominately in the Service Yard area. District will investigate sources.


NCHS MACC – Hopkins said there was an original plan for the build-out of the MACC. Bay and Tunison worked with this original plan and also took input from the entire stakeholder group to develop the conceptual work in designing the build-out. Contractors were given early plans for construction cost estimates and have returned their estimates for project. Harris said she had multiple meetings with stakeholder groups and they came to a compromised agreement on a plan for the build-out. Harris recognized that this plan is different than it was originally, but now the plan is geared towards students and includes feedback from all the stakeholder groups.


One issue with the plan, as presented, is the space is not very conducive to seating, because originally the basketball courts in the center of the track were not planned to be competition courts. The CSC discussed options for this issue.


Next, the CSC looked at the contractor estimates for the project, including some NCSD value engineering that reduced costs.


At the next meeting the CSC will discuss the finalized plan for the build-out, and will also wrap up some portions of the Midwest project, with Fleur de Lis (FdL) and Geosyntec representatives present. The hope of the CSC is to have the majority of the Board in attendance at this meeting.


Major Maintenance

NCSD has a 3-year contract with Caspar Building Systems with annual review of performance. Caspar has asked for a 4% rate increase on their own personnel’s labor rate. This increase is typical of contractor labor rates.


Future Items Coming to the Board for Approval

Roof Repair – Woods Learning Center – Recommendation is to award the contract to Gem City Roofing, Inc. in the amount of $101,813.

Roof Repair – Centennial Middle School – Recommendation is to award the contract to 4Elements LLC in the amount of $112,175.

Kelly Walsh Track Renovation – Explained above in “KWHS Track” update.


The next regular meeting scheduled for Friday, May 19, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at NCSD’s Central Services.


Board members: Kevin Christopherson, Ray Cattelier, Dave Applegate, Dana Howie
Staff: Steve Hopkins, Dennis Bay, Doug Tunison, Shannon Harris, Allen Bruggman

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